How To Make A Shag Haircut Work For Your Face Shape

Retro inspired trends have been on the rise over the last few years, and there's something out of the past to adorn every aspect of your look from head to toe. When it comes to haircuts, the classically chic and edgy shag has been making its way back into the spotlight as clients request the tousled, messy, and on-trend hairstyle en masse. The Trend Spotter predicts that the shag will continue to gain popularity throughout 2022, and Cosmopolitan called its return back in 2020. If you've been thinking about updating your 'do for the new year, shag is the way to go.

If you're nervous about how the cut will work with your face shape, there are tons of variations that make a shag perfect for anyone. You can go long or short, add bangs or go without, and make tweaks and requests to ensure that your shag is your best haircut yet. Most shags will complement any face shape, so you can make just about any style work for your specific needs. A shag haircut can be amazing for curly hair, especially if you opt for some longer layers like Zendaya or Natasha Lyonne. Some well-placed layers can add some amazing volume to your curls. All you need is a little moisturizing or texturizing product to keep it a little bit extra perky (via Cosmopolitan). For straight or fine hair, layers can add the volume that you may usually lack.

Shag haircuts can work for everyone

For a round face, a shag haircut will highlight the lower half of the face in a way that a straight haircut wouldn't. Style Craze recommends adding some texture with some product or a curling iron to ensure that your haircut has movement. L'Oreal Paris USA recommends a few styles for a round face shape, so there are plenty of options. A long shaggy bob with a wispy silhouette can add a little volume while slimming the face and making it appear longer, while long layers that begin at or around the shoulders can have the same effect without adding extra volume. You can add bangs to make a bit of a statement, or go for a full pixie cut with a shaggy vibe if you're feeling daring.

For a heart shaped face, if you're going for a medium to short length, a long shaggy bob with blunt bangs is a great option. A pixie cut will work as well with a heart-shaped face as it does with a round face, so don't be afraid to go for it if you've been on the fence for awhile.

Play around with style

If your face is more on the square side, then curtain bangs will be a great addition to your shag. Curtain bangs will work well with almost any hair length, so feel free to keep your length or get a bit experimental with a big change. Layers that frame the face are an amazing tool when it comes to getting the perfect shag haircut for a square face shape. The layers will add a softening effect, and you can do this at almost any length (via L'Oreal Paris USA).

When it comes to oval faces, almost any hairstyle will work well to flatter the face. Side swept bangs and long shaggy layers work very well to create movement, and you can play around depending on your texture and desired look. Whatever your face shape, a shag will be a great update to your look for the coming year. Just make sure to get your cut from a stylist you trust.