Janet Jackson Reveals Which Of Her Exes She Thought Was The One

Janet Jackson is gearing up to give her fans an up-close-and-personal look at her life and inner workings. The music icon opened up in front of cameras for a two-part documentary series titled "Janet." The highly anticipated project premieres January 28 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime and A&E. Rolling Stone put together a helpful guide on how to watch the "All For You" hitmaker's special project, which comes as she celebrates the 40th anniversary of her debut album.

Although "Janet" is not out yet, fans already have an idea of several topics up for discussion thanks to a series of teasers. For instance, Jackson opened up about her relationship with her father, Joe Jackson, and brother, Michael Jackson, according to People. The living legend described her dad as "good hearted" and protective but acknowledged he was "very tough." Meanwhile, she spoke about a divide between her and her brother that developed around the time he dropped his record-breaking album "Thriller" in 1982.

The New York Post detailed other difficulties that arose when Jackson later recorded a duet called "Scream" with Michael. "I wanted it to feel like old times between him and I," Jackson said of the collab. "It didn't. Old times had long passed." The singer also opened up about her love life and previous relationships with the likes of James DeBarge and René Elizondo Jr., one of whom she thought would be end game. Read on to find out which man that was.

Janet Jackson thought René Elizondo Jr. was the one

One of the relationships Janet Jackson broke down in "Janet" is the one she shared with her second husband René Elizondo Jr. The pair got married in 1991, according to People. Elizondo, then a songwriter and director, worked with Jackson on a multitude of songs over the years, according to Newsweek. Their relationship allegedly began in 1987, and they got married in secret to protect their privacy.

Their marriage did not become public knowledge until around the time Elizondo filed for divorce in 2000. The hitmaker told Rolling Stone at the time that they kept things private in an attempt to "have a normal family life." In 2001, Elizondo sued Jackson for $10 million and claimed she backed out of an agreement about assets, according to MTV. AmoMama noted that he has since moved on and remarried. Meanwhile, Jackson later married Wissam Al Mana, but they split in 2017.

Reflecting on her time with Elizondo, Jackson explained what drew her to him in the documentary. "I needed a lift. René was funny, just always had fun together. He was very, very charming," she said. The star added that it was "different" from her first marriage. "I wanted it to be it. But I thought that every time."

She hasn't found "the one" yet, but Jackson still has faith. "I haven't given up on love," she said, according to the New York Post. Hopefully love is around the corner for her!