Here's How To Help Plants Thrive In An Office

When you're sitting at a desk all day, having an office filled with plants can make you feel a little brighter. When your computer screen and the four walls around you are all you see, it can be nice to have some little plant friends to keep you company and remind you of nature. There is actually some science behind the benefits of plants in your workspace. Plants not only look pretty, but according to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, they can also soothe your nervous system and lower your stress response. And believe it or not, they can also sharpen your attention and boost your productivity, found Healthline.

The benefits of living and working around plants are undeniable — your mind feels clearer and your mood gets a little boost. But what is the best way to keep your greenery thriving? What if your office has very little natural light? Can plants still stay alive? Read on as we answer all your burning office plant questions.

You need lighting, water, and attention

The first step to a thriving office plant is choosing the best species for your space. Take an evaluation of how much natural light is available, and unless you are seated near a window, most offices will do best with a plant that requires low levels of light. Plants with large green leaves like Pothos, for example, would be at the bottom of a forest floor with a very thick canopy above them if they were naturally found in the wild (via Ambius). Check the instruction tags when shopping at the garden store, and make sure to choose one that instructs low light.

Watering your indoor plants correctly is the second and most important aspect of keeping them healthy. One of the most common reasons plants die is because they are overwatered. To avoid this, only water your plant when it needs it and make sure it's in a pot with proper drainage holes. If the soil feels dry and crunchy, it's definitely time to water. On the opposite end, if the soil is moist, you can wait, says Treehugger.

Lastly, don't forget about your plant babies when you leave on vacation. The office may be empty, but there's actually a way to water them automatically. Have you ever seen those glass globes popping out of indoor plants? These are watering globes that release liquid when air can displace the water inside, so your plant is only watered when it's needed.