The Most Expensive Items You Can Get At Madewell

When it comes to shopping sustainably, you're pretty much guaranteed to see higher prices. But it's for a good reason, of course. One reason for the higher price point is that such companies pay those who make the clothing a living wage, per The Guardian. While Madewell isn't technically under that sustainable umbrella completely, they do offer Fair Trade denim, a handful of upcycled items, and natural fabrics. Unfortunately, all of those items come at a higher cost.

As you browse through the Madewell website, you'll see tons of affordable staples. From moderately-priced blazers, to classic t-shirts and tanks, you can find some great gems on the website. Heck, WhoWhatWear even calls it one of the most affordable quality lines out there. On the other hand, there are specialty items that come with a hefty price tag. We're talking jackets, dresses, and jeans that are well into the hundred-dollar range. 

Forget everything you know about this brand, because there are a lot more high-end offerings than you might realize. When you see some of the most expensive items on the Madewell site, you won't ever look at the brand the same again.

Madewell's upcycled jacket is over $500

If you're looking for a unique coat, then Madewell's selection of versatile pieces is one of the best. Unfortunately, a truly unique find will cost you. At the time of publication, the Carleen Upcycled Blanket Ardmore Jacket is the most expensive item available on the website. The gorgeous patterned jacket is a whopping $549. Yes, you read that correctly.

Carleen is a sustainable brand that uses repurposed textiles and natural fabrics to create their Los Angeles-made items. The brand, which makes plenty of other quilted one-of-a-kind designs, sells the jacket exclusively through the Madewell website. It's made of upcycled vintage wool blankets, according to Madewell, which means that there's only one of each size available. 

The upcycled blanket jacket isn't the only piece of outerwear that has a hefty price tag. Madewell's best-selling leather jackets are almost as expensive as the Carleen option. The brand's Washed Leather Oversized Motorcycle Jacket is a cool $525. Although it's imported, it is made of 100% leather, which could be why the price is so high.

If you're looking to save some money, the brand offers the same style in a more fitted look for $498. This makes it one of the most affordable pieces on the website, so, hey, you are saving some cash!

The brand offers equally as expensive denim

If you thought that there were only a few expensive items on the brand's website, think again. Madewell is known for its denim, but hiding between those affordable finds are ones much pricier than the average pair of jeans. At the time of publication, Madewell's most expensive pair of jeans are the Closed Pathwork X-Lent Relaxed Jeans. The jeans, which are cropped and have a "vintage-y look," are a whopping $385. 

What makes these jeans worth that much money, you ask? Well, there are no reviews available on the website — shocker, we know — but the listing for the jeans says they're made by the brand Closed in Italy with 100% organic cotton. So, the pants are sustainable, but they definitely come at a price.

Madewell is known for its denim selection, so it only makes sense that these high-end items would pop up on the website. If you're looking for more affordable options, the brand's $128 selections aren't looking too bad right now.

Madewell offers some seriously high-end dresses

In line with all the other high-end items on the Madewell website, the most expensive sundresses available are from an outside sustainable brand. Banjanan makes some seriously incredible dresses that are available exclusively on the Madewell website. The only downside is that they cost $355. 

There's no doubt that the Banjanan dresses are absolutely stunning. According to the website, the dresses are made of recycled cotton in Jaipur, India, and each dress supports the local textile industry. When you take that into consideration, the price tag starts to make sense, even if it initially feels like a hefty sum to pay for one item.

Needless to say, Madewell has a whole range of options available when it comes to its more costly selections. Whether you're looking to shop more affordable finds from the brand, or you want to shop their incredible outsourced finds, this brand has a whole lot of price points to consider.