Stylish Ways To Wear A Scarf In The Winter

As temperatures continue to dip as we head further into icy winter, many of us are feeling pretty cold right about now — except maybe lucky Floridians! Most of us barely even remember what a floral, breezy mini dress is anymore, or bikinis, or sandals. Our much-loved summer wear has all been replaced by thermal leggings, fleece-lined pants, boots with tons of traction in case there's snow, gloves, beanies, and all the warmest sweaters. We love all seasons equally, but when thinking about the easygoing nature of spring and summer, winter just seems like a hassle. As the most high maintenance season of them all, winter is a lot to deal with — luckily, it has one major plus side.

Sure, summer gets the reputation as the best season for its warm weather, bright sun, perpetual tans, and the all-around ease no matter where you go. Hitting the beach, eating popsicles, and lying out on the grass in public parks definitely have their magic, just as much as the season's short, sultry fashions do. That being said, summer isn't great for accessorizing. With nary a jacket in sight, warm weather can make getting dressed a bit boring. On the other hand, winter is all about a great accessory — namely, the scarf. Scarves do much more than keep you warm: Wearing them right can make your outfit do a full 180. Here are all the best ways to style your scarves this season.

Tossed over your shoulder for French girl chic

If you love winter for all its opportunities to accessorize, then you probably already have a multitude of scarves in your wardrobe. You might have soft, wooly scarves that you could almost use as a throw blanket, or traditional fringed scarves in every hue, from solid lavender, to a deep red and green tartan. No matter your scarf of choice, how you wear it is extremely important. While you might wear your same gray scarf every day regardless of the outfit you opt for, you can change it up by tying it differently depending on your look.

First off, we had to start our list with the most traditional way to wear a winter scarf: simply tossed over your shoulder (via InStyle). This is by far the most casual, nonchalant, cool-girl way to wear a winter scarf, since it gives that certain French "je ne sais quoi" while never looking like you tried too hard. We love to wear our winter scarves this way, especially when just jetting out the house in the morning on our way to work. It's quick, convenient, and above all else, warm and stylish. 

The "tossed over the shoulder" scarf look works best with scarves that are decidedly wintery, in materials like wool, cashmere, or poly-blends that are just thick enough to scream cozy. This look also looks best with an oversized scarf, and some fringe details at the end.

It doesn't need to be a wool scarf for it to be winter-ready

Another way to wear a scarf in the wintertime barely involves traditional scarves at all. You might be pretty confused by this premise, but hear us out: All scarves can be winter scarves if you really believe in them — and believe enough in your styling abilities, of course! We usually find ourselves reaching for our cozy wool scarves over and over in the cold weather, mostly because they're the warmest. Who doesn't want to wrap themselves in wooly, fuzzy goodness? Especially when braving sub-zero temperatures and treading over snow every morning. Still, you don't have to necessarily opt for wool this winter, and your choice all comes down to your styling.

Instead of going for that same neutral wool scarf every day, make like tons of street style influencers and try a printed silk or satin version (via Today). While you might not associate silky scarves with winter, they can update your cold-weather looks in ways no other kind of scarf can. Even if you usually reserve your silk scarves for summertime style, either tied up as a makeshift top, worked as a bandana, or even as a cute handbag accessory, this is an opportunity to use more of your wardrobe season to season. Keep the rest of your winter look warm by layering a shearling coat over a jacket and a turtleneck to protect your neck.

Nix the beanies this winter and try wearing a scarf on your head

Another way to wear a scarf this winter is one you might have never thought about, unless you love watching old Hollywood movies and can quote "Casablanca" from start to finish. Yes, the point of wintertime scarf-wearing might seem like simply protecting your neck from the icy chill of the menacing, snowy outdoors, but thinking of scarves as made just for necks is underestimating their potential. Just like we love reworking silky scarves in the summer as crop tops, hair accessories, and even sarongs if at the pool or beach, winter scarves can also be remade into something else entirely (via Nordstrom). Yes, you can finally toss your pom-pom beanies for good: Winter scarves are great for keeping your head warm, too.

Before you think that you would feel more than a bit silly tying a scarf around your head, the result is actually extremely chic. In fact, as of late, designers everywhere are jumping on the trend. With iterations such as the balaclava, a kind of scarf that covers the head and neck that has been made by Loro Piana and Marc Jacobs, winter scarves aren't just for the neck anymore. Grab a scarf in a thin fabric with a neutral print, fold it over, and tie it around your head, tucking the ends under your jacket. You'll immediately feel like a 1950s screen siren in the best way.

Master knotting a scarf to reinvent a piece over and over

We couldn't make a list about the best ways to wear a scarf in the winter without taking a deep-dive into one of the most crucial styling strategies of all: Tying it perfectly. Many of us have heard the tales of how French women know how to tie scarves in countless ways, positioning each end just so to achieve the perfect, relaxed style. Making the perfect knot for the occasion, the scarf is then angled in the best possible way — no sweat, right?

Well, although tying a scarf in the perfect way can seem a bit complicated, it doesn't have to be. Luckily, there are tons of resources online for figuring out the most fashionable ways to tie a scarf. Marie-Anne Lecoeur, The French Chic Expert, provided a helpful tutorial on YouTube showing the best ways to properly tie a scarf. According to Vogue, there are four main ways to tie a scarf "like a French girl," and each trick is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe when you want to add something special to your winter look.

"The Classic Long Fold" is a take on simply sweeping it over your shoulder, but involves flattening the scarf first. Another way is tying your scarf in a knot at the back of your neck, leaving it nice and smooth at the front, almost like a choker necklace. While you can also use any scarf as a headband, going for the knotted double loop is always a classic.