This Viral Trick On TikTok Fixes Dried-Up Eyeliner

No matter what sort of eyeliner you use to achieve that perfect cat-eye look, chances are that you've dealt with one of the worst dilemmas to hit eyeliner enthusiasts — a dried-out tip. In some cases, it can seem like your eyeliner dries out only mere weeks after you first purchased it. Instead of simply chucking out that dried-up eyeliner, thankfully, there are several hacks that exist to resuscitate your eyeliner and have you rocking that perfect liquid line in no time.

Perhaps the most simple solution is one that doesn't require any major skill on your part. If you have an eyeliner pen that comes equipped with an ink ball, according to a report by StyleCaster, simply shaking your eyeliner pen before each use can help you avoid dealing with dried-out eyeliner. For those using a cream or gel eyeliner, another simple trick can help you revive even the driest eyeliner. According to Bustle, you can revive any gel or cream eyeliner by using a toothpick and eye drops (yes, you read that correctly!) to instill some moisture into the gel or cream eyeliner.

If these simple tricks don't cut it, one TikTok beauty expert has a dried-out eyeliner hack that will seriously blow your mind.

A viral TikTok trick saves you from dealing with dried-out eyeliner

Last month, TikTok beauty influencer Mirta Miler (@mimiermakeup) posted a simple solution for those struggling with a dried-out felt tip eyeliner. In her viral TikTok, Miler combats dried-out eyeliner by taking a pair of tweezers and actually pulling out the entire block of eyeliner liquid until it is completely removed from its component. Then, using the pair of tweezers, you will insert the block of eyeliner liquid back into its component, thus infusing it with the liquid eyeliner that has settled at the very bottom and sides of the component. Once you do that, take out the block of eyeliner liquid once again and re-insert it back into the component for a final time. After completing these steps, your dried-out felt tip eyeliner should be fully revived and ready to use.

As it turns out, useful hacks even exist to revive dried-out pencil eyeliner (who knew!?). Though it might seem impossible, a dried-out pencil eyeliner can be revived with just a little T.L.C. More likely than not, dried-out pencil eyeliner is actually due to the product drying out on the inside of the stick. According to StyleCaster, you can melt and liquefy the dried-out product inside of the stick by moving a blowdryer back and forth along the stick for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, your eyeliner pencil should be as good as new.