Harry Styles Shares A Tattoo With This Famous Singer

In addition to attracting legions of adoring fans across the globe for his musical talents, Harry Styles has won the hearts of many more for his daring style. The genre-defying artist takes a similar approach to his enviable wardrobe. GQ even dubbed the singer one of the best-dressed musicians in the world because of his ability to perfectly mix basics with touches of flair. From posing on the red carpet in a purple boa at the Grammy's to co-chairing the Met Gala in sheer frilled blouse, Styles knows how to dress. In addition to his iconic style selections, the "Sign of the Times" singer boasts an impressive tattoo collection, too. 

Styles revealed to Variety in 2020 that he has a grand total of 60 tattoos. Though he's likely to amass many more over the years. Some of his most memorable markings include the two swallows on his chest, his parents' birthdates on his collar bone, and the giant ship on his left bicep (via Seventeen). Though most of these tattoos hold a very unique meaning to the singer, a few of his pieces are duplicates.

Harry Styles shares a tattoo with another British superstar

In 2013, Ed Sheeran revealed to MTV that he got a matching tattoo with fellow musician Harry Styles. Sheeran shared that the pair paid homage to the British children's television series "Pingu." The 30-year-old decided to ink a portrait of Pingu the penguin, while the 28-year-old opted to get the word "Pingu" written under his arm. This so-called "bro tat" came to fruition after the "Shape of You" singer asked his friend to accompany him to the shop. Sheeran simply mentioned he was getting a "Pingu" tattoo and Styles agreed to get one as well. Though most of us tend to spend a bit of time thinking over our next tattoo, Styles isn't afraid of the impulse ink session.

In 2015, the Grammy-winner played "Tattoo Roulette" with his former One Direction bandmates during an appearance on "The Late Late Show" with James Corden (via Vanity Fairy). Each of the four boys had to pick a box and whoever opened the one with the word "tattoo" inside had to get a tattoo on live television. Styles snagged the unlucky box and ended his night with the words "Late Late" permanently etched on his arm.