This Is How A Virgo Shows Love

Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22, always look like they have it all together. They're the grounded empaths who are dependable and organized, whose social media is expertly curated. "They're image-conscious in a way that involves a sculpting of their physical being," Co-Star Astrology explains, "and a refinement of the presentation of the self."

All of this need for organization and control bleeds over into relationships, too. They'll make it seem like they have no needs at all and put their significant other's front and center. "They feel they have the capacity to tap into the deepest emotional truths of another person," Co-Star Astrology says. Although an attractive quality, it's also a source of resentment for Virgos, especially if someone becomes too — or solely — dependent on them for emotional support. They don't want to be your sole savior.

Being a shoulder to cry on is what a Virgo does for everyone, but that's one of the reasons others are so drawn to Virgos. Plus, Virgos are always so understanding. Since they're ruled by mutable Earth, they are supposed to be better able to see all sides of a situation. Once they make a decision, though, you can be sure it's after they've looked at the problem from every angle, per InStyle

Virgos can be very hard to read

Sometimes a Virgo can come off as aloof when they're in love, making them hard people to read and please. "It's not like Virgo is incapable of finding love," Co-Star Astrology explains, "it's just that they're looking in the wrong place. The real love they're looking for is inside of themselves. They need to learn to love themselves. They need to make themselves the center of their universe. They need to understand that they are worthy of love." Although their outwardly cool nature doesn't mean they're not interested — they're just bad at embracing their own emotions and may want to ensure that they're not being used before they open up their heart to another person. 

Virgos aren't people you're going to see big romantic guest urges from, either. Connected to Mercury, the planet that rules communication in Astrology, Virgos tend to have great communication skills and be majorly empathic, per InStyle

So, how will you know when a Virgo loves you? You'll need to pay attention to what they do. For Virgo especially, love is a verb. They are all about acts of service and for them, one of the greatest acts is making sure their partner has a safe, clean, and organized environment, according to