Use This K-Tape Trick When You Don't Have The Right Bra

Finding just the right bra for a plunging neckline can feel like a part-time job. Maybe you can get away with a strapless option designed explicitly for the task, but then you're still limited with how low you can go before your bra shows. Sure, there's an endless bra bonanza available at your fingertips — strapless sticky cups and such. But you may need more support or customization than what those bosom buddies can offer. 

Sometimes, you just need a quick solution. Well, it's time to master the kinesiology tape hack. If you're not familiar with kinesiology tape — k-tape, for short — it's a stretchy, sports tape used to support muscles, according to Healthline. It offers extreme flexibility and strength and is durable enough to stay on for days. Additionally, it's both sweat- and water-proof.

The old-school days of Kim Kardashian's tape trick, which she revealed in her now-famous 2008 Instagram post, are long gone. It got the job done, but as many women found out (and as Kardashian shared with People years later), removing traditional tape can be extremely painful. Kinesiology tape, on the other hand, is designed for skin. And guess what? It's the perfect $10 bra hack for plunging necklines, open-back tops or dresses, and even sexy bandeaus.

Use k-tape to create a customized bra

Kinesiology tape is designed to both move with the skin and provide support, according to Healthline. Its flexibility and skin-friendly features make it perfect for bra hacks. Ever pass up a gorgeous top or dress because you didn't want to invest in yet another special bra? Forget that life. Grab a roll of k-tape and a pair of scissors; then buy all the bandeaus!

A product reviewer told InStyle the hack "worked wonderfully" and added that their bra "stayed put all day and night in 98-degree temps." A video from Push Up Tape shows various ways to configure bra tape, but it's also okay to go off-script and follow your intuition. Most applications begin the same way: Simply hold your breasts where you'd like them. Next, depending on the cut and silhouette of the garment, apply your first strips of supportive k-tape. 

Do this by placing one end of the tape under the breast, smoothing in an upward motion, and ending by anchoring the strip above the breast. Finally, add additional tape strips — vertically and horizontally — to sculpt the desired silhouette, as shown in a tutorial by Kit Undergarments. Heads up: Before you get creative, you should do a spot test on your skin first, according to Byrdie.

K-tape comes in various skin tones, and one roll goes a long way. So keep a roll on hand and add a few strips to your handbag for any fashion oopsies!