Is Kosas Deodorant Worth It?

Many people use deodorants or antiperspirants to manage their body odor and to smell fresh all day. In fact, people often use these two terms interchangeably, but they work differently to control body odor. Deodorant, well, deodorizes or masks the smell of sweat to make it not smell bad, while antiperspirant makes you sweat less (via Healthline).

Deodorants don't have aluminum and have thus become a more popular choice. This mean that they don't clog your pores, which is always good. However, antiperspirants purposely block your pores and coat them with aluminum to make you sweat less. Still, a study from the National Institutes of Health suggests that aluminum may be linked to certain memory disorders, though there's no concrete proof yet. Many are now wary of antiperspirant for health reasons.

There was a time when Tom's was the only clean deodorant available on the market. Now, many more beauty brands are making natural and clean deodorants.  According to The Strategist and Dr. Suzanne Friedler of Advanced Dermatology, the purpose of deodorants is typically to let underarms breathe more freely and, to be fair, natural deodorants may not work that well for heavy sweaters. When fan-favorite and environmentally-conscious brand Kosas came out with their daily deodorant, then, it was bound to get attention. This product also promises skin-soothing benefits on top of odor control, so sign us up.

Kosas' deodorant has more benefits than you may realize

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant is stain-free, so you don't have to worry about it showing on your black clothes. Furthermore, it's infused with aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid to soften and moisturize your skin. It also has a unique blend of alpha hydroxy acids that helps fight odor while exfoliating and improving skin texture. It's admittedly pretty fancy for deodorant, but it's available in a nice scent called Serene Clean, which smells like a spa. There's also a fragrance-free option. As of this writing, it retails for $15 at Sephora.

Byrdie calls Kosas' deodorant "one of the best natural deodorants on the market" because it helps mask odor, doesn't stain, nourishes your underarms, and even soothes razor burns. What they don't like about it is that it has a sticky texture. The Strategist loves this AHA-infused deodorant because its exfoliating properties balance the pits' pH levels, and it has shikimic acid, a natural deodorizer, so no bacteria or bad smell can thrive there anymore. Moreover, Vogue considers it one of the best natural deodorants to buy because it doesn't have baking soda, helps prevent ingrown hair, and improves discoloration on your underarms.

Most deodorants cost between $5 and $10 anyway, so at just $15, it does encourage the clean beauty fanatics to upgrade their deodorant.