The Kardashians Season 1: Details We Know So Far

"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" was one of the biggest reality TV shows of all time. The series followed Kim Kardashian and her entire family from the start of her fame. Over the years, viewers regularly tuned in to see the drama-filled lives of the famous family. However, after 20 seasons on the E! network, the family decided to pull the plug on the show, which aired its final episode in 2021 (via ELLE).

While fans were stunned that the family had decided to end "KUWTK," it wasn't long before it was revealed that they would be returning to the sphere of reality television with a brand new show on the streaming service Hulu, per Forbes. Of course, fans were thrilled to learn that the Kardashian and Jenner clan would be starring in a brand new show, especially since the family is always making headlines for one thing or another.

So, if news of the forthcoming reality show has piqued your interest, here's what we know about the first season of the family's new Hulu series.

When does Hulu's The Kardashians air?

According to ELLE, the Kardashian family's much-anticipated new Hulu show already has a title, and is simply being called "The Kardashians." The title perfectly sums up what the show is about, and is pretty easy to remember, too. Currently, there is no official release date for Season 1 of the brand new reality TV series. However, Khloe Kardashian previously divulged to Ellen DeGeneres that the show would debut in early 2022. "I think in a few months, either end of January, early February," she said. "That's the beauty of Hulu, we're streaming, and we get to have a much quicker turnaround than previously. We're really excited," she told the talk show host. 

Fans have been impatiently waiting for a release date for the series, which could turn out to be a bit more provocative than the original show as Hulu doesn't have the same restrictions that the E! Network has. This means that there could be less censorship throughout each of the episodes. However, the family has retained editing rights over the new show. According to Variety, the family is working with Fulwell 73 — the team responsible for the HBO Max "Friends" reunion and Adele's "One Night Only" TV special. So, it seems that the series will have some high-quality production value and is in very good hands. 

Who will be starring in Hulu's The Kardashians?

Over the years, fans of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" watched as the entire family got involved in the show. All three Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney appeared heavily in the episodes, and their brother Rob also previously appeared on the series. Their half-sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner also popped up semi-regularly, as well as the brood's mother, Kris Jenner. Kris' former husband, Caitlyn Jenner, was also previously a staple on the hit reality show prior to their divorce, and has been seen in episodes since their split. Of course, Kourtney's ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, was also a major part of the series, too. 

Most of the Kardashian and Jenner clan are set to return for the Hulu series, ensuring longtime fans will get a hefty dose of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Kris. Meanwhile, Scott is also set to come back, to the delight of many viewers, per ELLE. Of course, people are also wondering if they'll see any of the family's significant others such as Kourtney's fiance Travis Barker (via PopSugar), Kim's boyfriend Pete Davidson or her estranged husband Kanye West, Khloe's ex Tristan Thompson, or Kendall and Kylie's boyfriends Travis Scott and Devin Booker. But for now, at least, that remains a mystery and we'll just have to wait and see. 

What else is there to know about Hulu's The Kardashians?

Meanwhile, for those expecting "The Kardashians" to be just like the family's former show, you couldn't be more wrong. The family has revealed that their Hulu series will take a very different direction. "This is the next chapter," Kris Jenner previously teased of the show (via PopSugar). "In the new show, you'll see us evolving as a family, fans want us to be who we are and since moment one, they've been emotionally invested in our show just like we are. The fans will love seeing us continue the journey. I can't say much about what's coming but spoiler, we're going to look fabulous and everyone's going to watch."

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has admitted that the Hulu series will focus more on the family's business ventures and less on their family drama. "I think it will be a different side," she told the Wall Street Journal in October 2021. "But I wouldn't say that our silly sides are not going to come out."

It should be interesting to see what "The Kardashians" has in store for viewers, but fans are sure to flock to Hulu to watch it all unfold once the series is finally released.