Is Astrology To Blame For Sarah Jessica Parker And Kim Cattrall's Feud?

"Sex And The City" will go down as one of the biggest shows in American TV history. In its heyday, the show and its cast were influential on culture and continue to do so even to this date. The show won multiple awards, it's been watched in several countries around the world, and over 20 years later, it has now gotten a reboot: "And Just Like That..." Everything that "Sex And The City" touched pretty much turned to gold in its six seasons and has been one of the most beloved and well-remembered shows of the past 50 years, according to Harper's Bazaar.

However, it hasn't always been smooth sailing for its actresses, particularly two of the four iconic women the show was centered around. While their on-screen relationship was super friendly, Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) and Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) haven't really seen eye to eye for several years. That feud is even said to be a factor in why Cattrall refused to be on the ongoing reboot of the show.

The origin of the beef between both actresses, according to Cosmopolitan, can be traced back to Cattrall asking for more money after Parker became promoted to producer — something that the other actresses didn't particularly take too kindly to. Parker is said to have been a bit more miffed than the others and that feud has taken a life of its own and snowballed over the years.

But there might be more to this feud — something astrology can explain.

What the sun signs have to say about Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall's feud

Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries, a sun sign known for being competitive and willing to dive into conflict, according to Co-Star Astrology. It was her fierce ambition that helped her climb to the top and eventually become a producer on the hit show. However, the other party in the feud, Kim Cattrall, is a Leo, which means she is predisposed to the stubbornness and ambition that Leos are known for, according to All Famous. Leos are known as the divas of the zodiac signs, natural superstars who are unwilling to bend.

With Parker being an Aries and Cattrall being a Leo, their personalities are at the root of their feud. Although this pairing can make for a great partnership due to their similar personalities, it all changes when a feud is thrown into the mix.

Leos can hold a grudge for years, so even if Parker is ready to let it go, there's no guarantee that Cattrall will do the same, per the New York Post.