1000-Lb Sisters' Amy Slaton Halterman Opens Up About Her Relationship With Tammy

For three seasons, audiences have tuned in to "1000-Lb Sisters," the TLC reality show featuring the trials and successes of two sisters trying to change their lives through weight loss. Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton Halterman easily won over viewers with their honesty, their humor, and their sisterly bond. The pair are sometimes silly, sometimes argumentative, but always family. 

However, as fans known, their relationship was sorely tested in Season 3. While Amy continued to achieve her life goals — which included buying a new house with her husband and planning for a second baby — Tammy remained stuck in her habits. Unable to live or move unassisted because of her weight, she coped with her depression by trying to bury it under nights of binge-drinking with friends. This frustrated her family, particularly Amy, who was her primary caretaker. The season finale saw Tammy agreeing to go to a weight-loss rehab facility, only to be rushed to the hospital a day later because she had stopped breathing, per People. Miraculously, after four days, she regained consciousness, and three weeks later was well enough to return to rehab.

Since then, Tammy has kept her fans entertained from her rehab room on Instagram. In just one month there, she has lost 115 pounds, a significant drop from her 650 pound starting weight, according to Distractify. But how are she and Amy getting along these days? Well, Tammy's younger sister recently shared an update.

Amy Slaton Halterman shared her hopes for her sister Tammy

Speaking to The Sun, Amy Slaton Halterman explained that her sister Tammy's rehab facility is "isolating." Situated in Ohio, the facility is some distance from their home in Kentucky. However, it's still "the best place" for her sister to get the help she needs. The goal is to have Tammy lose enough weight to safely undergo bariatric surgery, which will help her drop the pounds even more quickly and get down to a healthier size. 

"I think the last time I spoke to her she was about 556, 558 [pounds]," Halterman said, adding, "She misses us, she don't know nobody up there, she's making friends." 

The "1000-Lb Sisters" co-star also discussed Tammy's rocky history with men. "I didn't like any of her boyfriends, they were cool to talk to but not [suitable for a] relationship," she disclosed, adding that Tammy has a tendency to go all-in when she falls for a man, even to the point of ignoring her health. "She don't care what they eat is unhealthy or not ... She's like, 'What do you want to eat? Pizza? OK, let's go get it.' She was not worried about the repercussions to her body." 

Halterman concluded the interview by expressing her hopes for her big sister. "I hope she meets someone who supports her, and I hope she has some kind of surgery when she comes out of rehab."