Scott Eastwood Talks I Want You Back And His Love For Nicholas Sparks - Exclusive Interview

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Scott Eastwood has a dextrous filmography, having worked with everyone from Guy Ritchie to Taylor Swift and his own father, Clint Eastwood. Now, Scott has returned in "I Want You Back," a romantic movie from Prime Video.

The movie follows Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate), who get broken up with by their respective partners, Anne (Gina Rodriguez) and Noah (Scott Eastwood). When Noah quickly finds love with someone new, Emma decides she needs to win him back, with Peter's help, of course. Eastwood's role generates a lot of laughs in the movie, and it's clear that the cast had a ball working together.

The List sat down with Scott Eastwood to find out all about "I Want You Back," what it was like appearing in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video, what he likes to do in his spare time, and when he became a fan of Nicholas Sparks.

Collaborating with Charlie Day and Jenny Slate

"I Want You Back" is such a fun rom-com, what drew you to the movie?

First off, the script was awesome. It was a laugh-out-loud read, which is pretty rare. Jason Orley is a very young, talented filmmaker. I'm not sure if you've seen his other movie, "Big Time Adolescence," great watch. Really, he put together an incredible cast, so [it was] a no-brainer.

And what was it like working so closely with Charlie Day and Jenny Slate?

Well, Charlie and I go back ... We worked back in 2018, I think, on a movie in Australia, so we already knew each other. He's the best. If every movie could be with Charlie, it would be smooth sailing. Jenny's awesome, this was the first time I got to meet Jenny, and she's so funny, so talented. She's the voice of Marcel the Shell, little fun fact.

You really got to show your comedic side in this film, and you seemed fine with taking your clothes off. Did you enjoy playing the funny character?

Did I enjoy taking my clothes off? Always.

Did you mind stripping?

No. As long as it gets a laugh, I'll do it.

And was it fun showing that funnier side of yourself?

Yeah. It was a super fun movie. I think it was really grounding, the movie. It was a funny movie, but it was more of an adult movie that I personally would've liked to watch, so I was really proud to be in a film like that.

Will we see you in more movies like this in the future? Because I feel like you've done a lot more action and serious films in the past?

It all depends if the filmmaker is great and the script is good, and that's where you start.

Working with Taylor Swift and flying helicopters

You also appeared in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" video. If she was to re-record [her "1989" album], would you return for another version of "Wildest Dreams"? And what was it like working with Taylor?

Taylor Swift's great. Look, the power of T. Swift, that was a really fun thing to shoot. It felt like an old movie which I liked.

Are there any actors or directors that you've not worked with yet, that you're really keen to collaborate with?

Yeah. There is a long list of incredibly talented filmmakers and incredibly talented performers, that I'd love to be in films with. ... Oh, I was just watching Idris Elba recently. He's just such a big talent, I'd love to work with him.

When you're not working, what do you like to do?

I've got probably, I would say, too many hobbies keep me busy. I play golf. I like to fish, I fly helicopters, pickleball.

I love how you dropped that in there so casually — "I fly helicopters."

Yeah, it's an expensive hobby, that's what it is.

Is it scary?

When you first start flying, I think it's scary, yeah. I think anyone would ... It's pretty scary.

I feel like my hobbies are so boring in comparison.

It's not too late. Get out there and try something new.

Becoming a Nicholas Sparks fan

Your character in "I Want You Back" is really romantic, a bit of a hopeless romantic in some ways. Was it easy to get into character? Did you relate to him in any way?

Yeah, there's a lot of pieces of this character that I think I could relate to. He wants to take some steps to becoming more of an adult, but he's also being pulled by his old life a little. He's ultimately a really good guy, too. He's got a heart of gold, which is one of the things I liked about him.

I loved "The Longest Ride." What was it like working on that film, and getting into Nicholas Sparks' mode?

It was an incredible film to work on. I was a huge fan of movies like "The Notebook," so getting to work on a Nicholas Sparks film was really great.

You're just a big fan of those big romantic films?

If they're done right. That film was directed by Nick Cassavetes, and he's an incredible filmmaker. Really, he's like a filmmaker with a lot of heart, but also I think really subtle, and really quality filmmaking. I thought I was pretty lucky to get to work with George Tillman Jr. on "The Longest Ride." He brought a lot of heart to it, but really in a subtle way, which I like.

Obviously your dad is an icon and an amazing director. Do you have any aspirations to direct?

I don't know about that. We'll see down the road, one step at a time.

What's next for you?

Well, I'll probably have dinner, we'll start with that.

"I Want You Back" will premiere exclusively on Prime Video February 11, 2022.