What You Never Knew About Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is a National Football League veteran. According to the NFL's website, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback has played 13 seasons in the league and has been considered an elite player since his time with the Detroit Lions. Though he has been impressive on the field, when asked if winning the upcoming Super Bowl would make him a Hall of Fame player, commentator Steve Mariucci said, "If Stafford wins the Super Bowl and retires the next day, he's not a Hall of Famer. He's going to have to continue playing well — and do a lot more winning — with the Rams. Having a good career for 13 seasons is not good enough by today's standards."

It's clear who Stafford is on the field, a hard-working quarterback who many in the industry have their money on to win the big game (via Rams Wire). However, there are parts of Stafford's life casual fans don't know about.

Stafford grew up with another Los Angeles sports star

Los Angeles Rams fans have happily accepted Stafford into their city, and that may not be simply because of his football talents. Stafford has deep Texas roots, which might not make sense as to why Angelenos have a special bond with their quarterback. As it turns out, Stafford has a relationship with one of the city's most beloved baseball players (via the Dallas News).

Both Stafford and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw grew up in the same Texas suburb and attended the same high school. These two played sports together throughout their entire childhood, finding themselves on the same youth soccer, football, baseball, and basketball teams together (via Bleacher Report).

The athletes' moms have remained close over the years. Stafford's mother, Margaret, gushed, "Marianne [Kershaw] and I got together for dinner several months ago, and we just started giggling," Margaret Stafford says. "Who'd have thought we'd have these famous boys when we were sitting at the laundromat, washing uniforms?"

His wife had a serious health scare

Stafford might be great at handling stress on the football field, but life outside the stadium can be just as anxiety-provoking. According to FanBuzz, his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went through intense treatments to fight it.

In an interview with Today, Stafford's wife, Kelly, opened up about her diagnosis and the surgery she endured to gain her health back. She was warned that there was a 50% chance she could lose her hearing and the ability to make facial movements. "What if this thing gets taken out and something goes wrong?” she wrote. "What if something happens before that? My biggest fear is not being here, and not being here to raise my girls."

The Staffords have four children together, which made the diagnosis even scarier for the family. However, Kelly's treatment was successful and though the process was difficult, where she had to learn how to walk again, she got through with the support of her husband. Now, she is in good health.

Stafford is a proud girl dad

According to Sports Illustrated, Stafford is a proud girl dad. He and his wife had three daughters together before welcoming their fourth back in 2020. While many fans expected the quarterback to round off his family with a son, the proud father shared that his fourth child was a daughter, who they named Tyler.

The other members of the Stafford family include three adorable daughters, twins Chandler and Sawyer, and middle daughter Hunter (via People). His daughters are his biggest fans, often showing up to his games dressed as cheerleaders.

Prior to the birth of Tyler, Stafford's wife shared the announcement of her pregnancy, writing that they planned on being surprised about the gender, "We won't know whether the Stafford kids will continue as a girl squad or if a little brother will enter the craziness until baby is here." However, the final baby Stafford turned out to be a girl.

You won't find Stafford on social media

Unlike most sports stars, Stafford has decided to stay off social media platforms (per Lions Wire). It's no secret that dedicated sports fans can get upset at a player for their performance on the field and take to social media to unleash their wrath. Stafford is smart and chooses to refrain from social media and avoid the possible hate mail that comes along with having a platform.

When asked at a press conference if he had social media, Stafford shared, "No. I don't have it, so it's pretty easy for me," adding, "I don't really pay attention too much to it, to tell you the truth, anywhere. So, I just go about my business and try to be as good as I can for the guys in this room."

Stafford's wife shared that sometimes fans come to her profiles with hate directed at her husband (via the Dallas News). On her podcast, "The Morning After With Kelly Stafford," she said, "I think this is why people do it cause they can't get to Matthew, cause he doesn't have social media. So they come to me and they make it even worse because they're so frustrated that they can't get to him. I love it. Not that I love the comments, but I love they can't get to him," she continued, "I mean, I could only imagine being a professional athlete and reading s*** that people write."