Why Did Robin Charles And Conner Rhodes Break Up On Chicago Med, And Why Is She Back?

Given perhaps that it's a medical drama, since its inception, "Chicago Med" has been chock full of heartbreaks and heartbreaking exits. One of the most memorable breakups in the "One Chicago" universe took place between Dr. Robin Charles and Dr. Connor Rhodes at the beginning of the third season of the show. Fans first met Charles, portrayed by Mekia Cox, during the second season of the show, when she took a job as an epidemiologist. Charles is the daughter of fan-favorite psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Charles, per CBR. Quickly, Charles became a major love interest for Dr. Connor Rhodes. Shortly after the couple moved in together, however, their romance became a bit more complicated when Charles began exhibiting alarming mental health struggles. During the latter portion of the second season, though many thought that her hallucinations were the cause of undiagnosed schizophrenia, her father managed to find another cause — a benign mediastinal teratoma that could be easily fixed with surgery.


Even after she received the surgery, though, Charles was still struggling to cope with everyday life. This leads her to move out of Chicago at the beginning of the third season. Though Rhodes considered going after his woman, he inevitably decided to let her go, according to CBR. Cox, who portrays Charles, left the show at the time to pursue a regular role on "Once Upon a Time," according to Us Weekly.

Charles staged a comeback in later seasons of Chicago Med

Do you think that "Chicago Med" creators would leave a story as powerful as Dr. Robin Charles' unresolved? Please. Toward the end of the fourth season of the show, Charles, played by actress Mekia Cox, returned to the show, along with her ailing mother who had been diagnosed with cancer since she left Chicago in the third season. After appearing briefly in the fifth season and tying up loose ends with her father, Dr. Daniel Charles, and her former love interest, Dr. Connor Rhodes, Charles left the medical drama once again and has not returned since, as CBR reported. Cox left to pursue another role on "The Rookie."


The fifth season of "Chicago Med" also proved to be the last for Rhodes, portrayed by Colin Donnell. Fansided reported that Donnell simply left the show due to a "creative decision" made by the show's writers. "I love my #ChicagoMed #OneChicago family dearly. And a special thank you to all the fans that have made these last four seasons so amazing," Donnell wrote in a Twitter post back in 2019. Now, fans of Donnell can catch him on the television show "Irreverent," which is streaming on Peacock, as Showbiz CheatSheet reported.