If You're A Scorpio, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

If you've ever heard someone accurately guess your zodiac sign just by asking a few questions unrelated to your birthdate, that person probably has a good grasp on the various sun signs' personality types. After all, sun signs typically have specific patterns of behavior and personalities that they share, which includes one's flaws and strengths. For Scorpio, one of the most common traits is how hard they are to read. According to Zodiac Fire, Scorpio is one of the most inscrutable signs. The eighth sun sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is a water sign, and, as its name implies, its symbol is a scorpion. Other than their aura of mystique, Scorpios are known for their determination and focus. People often get things wrong about Scorpio, but their calm appearance actually hides a deeply passionate nature.

This side of them also influences their music choices, as Scorpio — and other water signs — prefer romantic and artistic music, the type that can pull listeners into a new world (via Bustle). With so much music variety out there, it may be hard to find the exact songs or artists that actually suit your taste. However, you can skip the trial and error process simply by paying attention to your sun sign and zodiac element. For a water sign like Scorpio looking to add music to their playlist, here are some songs that will definitely suit your vibe.

These songs are perfect for a Scorpio's playlist

Some of the most vaunted American celebs and artists of our time are Scorpios, and that Scorpio energy seeps into their music. Katy Perry, Drake, Frank Ocean, Ciara, Sza, Lorde, Ella Mai, and Frank Ocean all fall under this star sign (via Mella Music).

So, if you're looking for an album that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being a Scorpio, you can try Drake's "Scorpion," for example. According to Highsnobiety, Drake is a Scorpio, and he named the album after the sign. If you're not interested in the full album, you can simply turn to a song titled "A Scorpio's Mind." For a song that will pull at your emotions, you should try Katy Perry's "Unconditionally." This song is romantic and carries quintessential Scorpio energy. Give it a try, and you'll soon find yourself belting the chorus alongside Perry.

Finally, Lorde is a typical Scorpio, with her almost hypnotic voice and music style. She's released several hits, but notably takes long breaks between albums to refuel and come into her new eras with new emotions and stories to share. Lorde's "Hard Feelings/Loveless" would fit perfectly in a Scorpio's playlist (via Nylon). And for an intense, emotional song about lost love, you should listen to Ciara's "I Bet." With its scathing lyrics laid on a smooth R&B sound, it's a great breakup song, as explained by Pop Culture Daily.