The Truth About Andrew Whitworth's Wife, Melissa

The Super Bowl is an exciting event even if you don't call yourself a football fan. As The Sportster suggests, non-football fans can get into the Super Bowl by enjoying the parties, the commercials, and the halftime performances. It can be a fun event even if you don't care about who wins the game.

As the Super Bowl inches closer, fans and casual viewers alike are beginning to research the teams who are playing, the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. With Googling the players comes, whether purposely or not, learning about their significant others.

Andrew Whitworth is one of the most interesting players taking the field this Sunday. At 40 years old, he's a bit older than his teammates (via the New York Post). He's looking for a Super Bowl redemption. Before joining the Rams, he played 11 seasons with the Bengals. This Super Bowl is a special one for Whitworth on multiple levels, and couldn't have made it this long in the National Football League without the support of his wife.

The Whitworths have a charity foundation that has changed lives

Whitworth has been married to his wife, Melissa Whitworth, since 2006 (via ABTC). The pair have four children together, twins named Drew and Sarah, a son named Michael, and a daughter named Katherine.

Melissa is more than just a football wife and mother. She is an award-winning journalist, and she has worked for NBC10/Fox14 News in Monroe, Louisiana after graduating from Louisiana Tech. She was even a beauty pageant queen, winning the 2003 Miss Louisiana pageant.

Melissa is best known for the charity work she does behind the scenes. According to CNN, the Whitworths helped change the lives of a mother and her three children experiencing homelessness. Amalia Jimenez told the news network, "I'm not really good with sports; it's not my thing," adding that Withworth changed her life, "But he tremendously blessed us with everything because we started from scratch, like nothing."

The couple has a charity foundation that raises money to help families like Jimenez's. Melissa said, "It's changing people's lives," she continues, "In turn, it's changing ours and our kids', and what they are learning and what they are seeing about life is really special."