Should You Get A Bob Or Lob Haircut If You Have An Oval Face?

Using their face shape, a person can determine which hairstyles are best for them. When it comes to an oval-shaped face, should one consider a bob or a lob haircut?

First, if you don't know what the shape of your face is, you can use these tips from Latest Hairstyles. Look at the widest part of your face to determine if it is your forehead, cheeks, or jaw, then see if your jawline is round, square, or pointy and if the length of your face is short or long. For an oval, the forehead will be a bit wider than the chin, like "an egg placed upside down." There may also be a tall forehead and wide cheekbones, and the face will be longer than it is wide. Some celebrity examples include Constance Wu and Bella Hadid.

Now that the shape has been determined, it is time to discuss whether a lob or a bob is most flattering for those with an oval-shaped face.

The answer takes some inspiration from T-Swift

According to Southern Living, those with the oval shape have long and narrow faces, meaning a variety of haircut lengths and shapes work. When a person, on the other hand, has a short or round face, a cut in one length or with too many layers can emphasize the roundness.

So, in the debate of a bob versus a lob for an oval-shaped face, the answer is a bob. In particular, FabFitFun suggests a blunt cut like Taylor Swift's. Some alternative bob choices, listed out by Pretty Designs, are the short bob with bangs, a short layered cut, a bob in a medium length, a style with soft waves, and the classic short cut and style.

Other haircuts and styles that work for this shape, as pointed out by PureWow, include long layers like those seen on Jennifer Aniston, a long shag like Jessica Biel's, a cropped pixie that copies Lupita Nyong'o's style, and a sleek option in one length, as seen on Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.