The Chicago Med Episode You Forgot Malcolm McDowell Was On

Malcolm McDowell is the accomplished, eccentric actor whose career stretches back decades, taking in notable turns in everything from "A Clockwork Orange" to "Gossip Girl." Simply put, McDowell has done it all even if, as the British star admitted to The Guardian in 2020, "I have no memory of doing most of my films." Equally beloved as a scene-stealer and a committed voice actor, thanks to his inimitable timbre, McDowell brings something special to each role, regardless of its size. 

The length and breadth of his career makes it tough to keep track of just how much stuff the beloved performer has actually done, so it might shock you to learn that, not too long ago, McDowell lent his impressive talents to "Chicago Med." The Hollywood Reporter shared the exciting news ahead of his appearance in 2017. Unsurprisingly, of course, McDowell stole the show from right under the assembled ensemble, thanks in large part to his character's deep connection to one of their own.

Malcolm McDowell played Dr. Bekkar's demanding mentor

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Malcolm McDowell was tapped to play "Dr. Jaffrey, a distinguished, erudite, world-renowned heart surgeon," who "also happens to be the mentor of Dr. Bekkar (Norma Kuhling)," in "Chicago Med." Per IMDb, the Season 3 episode, entitled "On Shaky Ground," aired in 2018 and found Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell), who had long been Bekkar's rival, tasked with performing a complicated surgery on Jaffrey. 

McDowell's appearance on the show was a huge hit, with One Chicago Center marking it out as one of the best guest appearances of the entire season. Noting that it was a major "coup" for "Chicago Med" to feature an actor of his caliber, they pointed to how McDowell's testy medic also managed to bring Bekkar and Rhodes together for the first time ever. Jaffrey upset his former charge so much that Rhodes felt compelled to defend her honor, hence why he ended up conducting the surgery instead. 

As much as the British star's character was slightly unlikable, McDowell's charisma shone through, and watching him play off "Chicago Med" regulars was as fun for those watching at home as it likely was for the cast themselves. McDowell is typically drawn to darker fare, having worked several times with Rob Zombie on his "Halloween" movies, as well as in "31," while he voiced literal Death in "Castlevania." No matter what he does, there's no denying McDowell's ability to elevate the material.