The 'Don't You Feel Silly?' TikTok Audio Explained

Internet humor was fairly obvious a few years ago. We knew what to expect: punny memes, references from popular movies, and relatable jokes. But recently, any chronically-online person could tell you their humor isn't something that can be explained. There are newer and weirder meme formats, obscure allusions to Twitter jokes, and more "out of context" accounts on Instagram than ever. In fact, the children's animated series "VeggieTales" may have even predicted the randomness we find funny today back in 2003. One episode simply explained that certain things are "funny because it's unexpected."

TikTok perfectly captures this cultural zeitgeist. The video sharing app often has the most nonsensical videos, but these TikTok trends go viral nonetheless. We've seen the korndle make rounds on the internet as well as a table breaking loudly as part of the Oh No! Our Table! trend. It's peak humor, really. The "don't you feel silly" TikTok trend is another audio that's trending because of its lack of context. The #dontyoufeelsilly hashtag has millions of views and counting, with thousands of videos under it. Here's what this trend means, and why it's so popular.

The trend's original audio hails from a Sam Hyde video

The original TikTok that started the trend was posted by user @ggjoe3, according to Know Your Meme, on June 17, 2021. It features alt-right comedian and figure Sam Hyde, one of the founders of the comedy troupe Million Dollar Extreme, asking the viewer, "Don't you feel silly? Don't you feel stupid? Don't you feel a little ashamed?" The video was taken out of context from Hyde's own video on Twitter, which has since been deleted.

The eerie music in the background and Hyde's questions themselves have led to this audio being used in many comical sketches that ask you to turn introspective. Most of the creators who adapt the audio direct it at themselves, noting a time when they've done something they regret. For example, TikTok user @faereii captioned her video: "Quitting my job to do art and then getting no orders." Another TikTok video calls out silly commenters, saying, "When someone comments 'why is this [comment] pinned' on a TikTok and the creator doesn't pin it."

Ultimately, this trend allows people to have a laugh at themselves, which is never a bad thing. This trend is also proof that TikTok users will find creative ways to adapt any trend to their own circumstances, which may just be an art in itself.