Is Morphe Fluidity Concealer Worth It?

Morphe is an exceedingly popular brand with beauty influencers. Its products are constantly splashed across social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, thanks in large part to the line's wide range of incredible eyeshadow palettes. They've collaborated with the likes of Coke and Maddie Ziegler, and their shadows are renowned for being super pigmented, creamy, easily blendable. But Morphe sells more than just eyeshadows; they also offer a range of face products, brushes, lip products, and so much more.


One of their products that's been getting attention lately is the Fluidity Concealer. The brand also has a matching foundation line, which offers a whopping 60 shades and received positive reviews on Glamour. According to Ulta, the concealer is designed to perfectly blur imperfections, mask under-eye circles, and sweep over blemishes. The full-coverage option is said to offer a long-wearing formula with a soft, velvety, matte finish. It conceals, brightens, and contours skin to create a "picture-perfect" appearance. 

There's undoubtedly a lot of hype around Morphe Fluidity Concealer, but does it live up to expectations?

Morphe Fluidity Concealer does live up to the hype

In 2019, Morphe launched the range with 31 full-coverage concealer skin shades. Their sole purpose was to offer a more inclusive shade range of concealers, which is always great to see (via Elite Daily). Morphe Fluidity Concealer retails for $12 per 0.15oz. of product. It offers a 16-hour wear time, and the formula is also water- and sweat-resistant. Elite Daily noted that it doesn't transfer onto clothing or other surfaces easily, meaning that it stays in place.


For anyone with skin that's prone to sensitivity, this concealer is fantastic as it's fragrance- and paraben-free. It appears that the concealer meets all of those promises. The many positive reviews on Morphe suggest that the formula really does live up to the hype. Meanwhile, Vogue named Morphe Fluidity Concealer one of the best concealers for hiding dark circles and masking blemishes. The publication commended the concealer for managing a wide range of uses. Thanks to its buildable and easily blendable formula, the concealer is a great buy and seems to live up to Vogue's promise of being "the ultimate all-arounder."