Why Marci Miller May Not Return To Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" fans have watched Abigail Deveraux grow up. The character is the daughter of super couple Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux, and has been a staple in Salem for years. As Abigail grew older she was played by actresses like Ashley Benson and Kate Mansi before Marci Miller took over the role in late 2016 (via Soap Central). Abigail has been through so many ups and downs in her young life, including being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (commonly referred to as a split personality disorder), being held hostage by Ben Weston, and more (via TV Insider).

Over the years, Abigail has fallen in love with Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), and the two have started a family together. The couple currently share two children, son Thomas and daughter Charlotte. Although their marriage has been rocky at times, Chad and Abigail have powered through and tried to keep their love alive. However, all that may change if "DOOL" makes a shocking move to write the character of Abby off the show for good.

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Is Abigail leaving Salem for good?

According to Cheat Sheet, "Days of Our Lives" rumors reveal that Marci Miller may soon be leaving the role of Abigail Deveraux. Although the soap has yet to confirm the news, multiple outlets are said to have reported the news. Miller is rumored to be leaving "DOOL" behind to spend more time with her new baby, and that her final episode has already been filmed.

However, those hoping that the NBC sudser will ask actress Kate Mansi to return to her former role and take over the reigns as Abigail may be disappointed. Speculation is running wild that neither Mansi nor any other actress will be recast in the role of Abigail, because the show is planning to kill off the beloved character.

Meanwhile, Miller previously revealed that she loves her character and her on-screen husband, Chad, and is always hoping that the pair will get a happy ending. "I'm always going to root for Chad and Abby, as long as it doesn't get too crazy," Miller said (via She Knows Soaps). "I'm always going to want them to be together and happy."

It seems that "DOOL" fans better prepare themselves for tragedy ahead just in case the soap really does decide to kill off the character of Abigail.