The Most Ideal Places To Live If You're A Scorpio

Your zodiac sign can provide insight on everything from your personality traits, to relationships, career paths, and even ideal places to live. If you're a Scorpio, there are certain cities where you could really thrive, which is especially helpful if you feel drained by your current surroundings.

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios are determined, mysterious, and passionate (per Cosmopolitan). Ruled by Pluto, these types may decide it's time for a big change after examining their emotions or turning inward to discover deeper truths about themselves.

This sign is also associated with the eighth house in astrology, which rules rebirth, and nothing says starting off fresh like picking up and moving to a whole new place. Additionally, Mars adds some real boldness, so while the thought of a move could scare some away, a Scorpio is up for the challenge and even craves the new possibilities and adventures this type of change can bring (per mindbodygreen).

That being said, here are the perfect spots for Scorpios to live, both internationally and within the United States.

This luxury destination is perfect for a fiery Scorpio

One of the top qualities found in a Scorpio is passion. They need jobs, hobbies, and lives full of excitement and of chances to grow and develop. A city that speaks perfectly to this is Dubai. As a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, it's known for its upscale shopping experiences and striking architecture. Here, a Scorpio can spend the day doing some retail therapy, or by sitting at a coffee shop to enjoy some people watching with all their mysterious allure. Additionally, these signs can further chase all of their dreams by living in such an advanced and fast-paced spot, as pointed out by Society19.

A Scorpio is "a natural-born businessperson," says Daily Mail astrologer Kelli Fox, making "bustling corporate enclaves" perfect destinations for them to network, gain knowledge and experience, and build their empires. Similar suggestions from this astrology expert include Shanghai, Bangkok, and Washington D.C. for Scorpios.

The mystery and passion of this city is a great match for Scorpios

According to astrologer Jennifer Angel of Jennifer Angel Horoscopes, "[Scorpios] are better being out and amongst it, rather than being behind the scenes. They can take on a fast-moving community, and they are good at finding opportunity" (via Insider).

Out and about in a city that has a fast-paced environment with lots of opportunities? That sounds like New Orleans, Louisiana! As pointed out by PureWow, this is a city like no other and one that is another great option for a Scorpio.

NOLA's official website points out that an array of food, entertainment, architecture, nightlife, music, and art can be found here. New Orleans is home to many different cultures, histories, and traditions that come together and help in "casting a global allure." Plus, everyone knows that New Orleans is haunted, with famous cemeteries and a connection to voodoo, and that is sure to be extra alluring to mysterious Scorpios who are considering moving somewhere new!