Here Is The Best Place To Spray Your Perfume

The power of perfume cannot be understated. It can touch our emotions and help us form memories, which is why, when we smell oatmeal cookies at a café, it can take us back to our grandmother's kitchen. "When a perfume has the ability to trigger an emotion, it becomes part of the wearer's life," journalist and author Claire Bingham told Vogue. Then it becomes a part of your personality, with which others associate you. 

Once you find your own empowering perfume, you feel invincible, and have the ability to let the smell linger in a room after you are gone or give people glimpses of your arrival that they can only tell by their sense of smell. Perfumes are personal, and based on their strength and longevity, they can be divided into five classes. Parfum is the longest-lasting because it is the most concentrated (via

There are many different perfume categories in the fragrance world, and knowing what fragrance draws you the most is the easiest way to find your signature perfume (via Byrdie). A scent is so intimate that your memories may be the most significant factor that draws you toward a particular fragrance. For example, if you love sweet smells, you will probably adore gourmand, with Thierry Mugler's Angel serving as an iconic example of this group. Once you've found your scent, you just need to know where to spray it.

Spritz your perfume at these hot spots on your body

Perfumes are manufactured to make a statement, and depending on where you apply it, it can linger all day or dissipate in a short time. Overall, you should hold the bottle 3 to 6 inches away and spray two to four times to feel the magic.

You may know that the most common part of your body on which to use perfume are your pulse points because they release heat. Those areas help release the aroma in the air slowly over a long time, per Fragrance X. They recommend spraying perfume on your wrists and behind your knees, especially if exposed, as they capture smell well, and emit it with movement. Self says your hair is the best place to spray perfume, as it releases a trail of smell as you move. "Fragrances latch onto hair fibers; therefore hair will carry the scent of the fragrance for a long period of time," Steven Claisse, a senior perfumer at Takasago, told the publication. So, don't forget to spritz a bit on your hair next time you leave your house.

Into The Gloss loves applying perfume on the base of the throat because you will be able to smell the refreshing whiff near your face all day. However, Marie Claire encourages you to spritz a bit of your favorite perfume inside your elbows as an alternative to wrists. Just moisturize the area first to make the perfume last longer.