These Are The Zodiac Signs Of Some Of The Richest People In The World

Whether you're a believer in horoscopes or you're a cynic, your sun sign has a degree of influence over you. You could be a stubborn Leo, a loyal Taurus, or a passionate Scorpio and not even realize that these personality traits may (or may not) be linked to the world of astrology (per Zodiac Fire). It's more common to see people use astrology to check their zodiac compatibility with a potential love interest, or to discover how they can better understand themselves and other people. However, your zodiac sign says more about you beyond these initial insights. 

It may be weird to consider if you're a skeptic, but your sun sign can have a degree of influence over how rich you'll be, according to The Sun. A study by the publication analyzed the birth dates of some of the richest people in the world and came up with one clear intersection: a large number of them were Libras. With the level of tact and adaptability associated with Libras, it's unsurprising that they topped this list.

If you're not a Libra, don't panic. This doesn't necessarily mean fortune isn't in the stars for you, as wealth is spread across each corner of the astrological realm. Here are the zodiac signs of some of the richest people in the world.

Some of the wealthiest people in the world all have different zodiac signs

Kicking off this list is one of the most famous billionaires today — the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Bezos' career practically personifies the fierce ambition and resilience Capricorns are known for, so it comes as no surprise to learn that he was born under this sign. Elon Musk, a multi-billionaire known for his brands Tesla and Space X, is so rich that he recently unseated Bezos from the No. 1. spot. According to The Scottish Sun, despite dips in Tesla stock, this Cancer has proven over the years that his wealth is here to stay.

Bill Gates, another recognizable name, is the co-founder of Microsoft and a philanthropist, as well. Gates is also a Scorpio, and he's a regular fixture on Forbes' list of billionaires, which further proves that you don't have to be a Libra to be wealthy. Entrepreneur and co-founder of Google Larry Page is an Aries. The creative and assertive aspects of an Aries' personality makes them highly likely to succeed at business endeavors, and Page's wealth and success seemingly proves that point.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and media magnate, is a Taurus. Other than Facebook, Zuckerberg also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. The Bull is a sign known for being intelligent, hardworking, and stable — good traits to have in a businessman. James Walton, entrepreneur and Walmart heir, is a Gemini. Being a Gemini means that he's adaptable and willing to think outside the box, two traits that help him stand out from other competitive and successful businessmen.