Meet Iyanna McNeely From The New Season Of Love Is Blind

Two years ago, Netflix gave us a show with great binge potential on Valentine's Day, and it's making a comeback this year. Season 2 of "Love Is Blind" premiered a few days ago, and it's already trending on Twitter, as well as on Netflix's Top 10 List. This season's concept is the same as the last: Contestants date one another without seeing each other, allowing them to bond emotionally rather than physically. In fact, they only get to see each other when they get engaged. "This experiment is now a proven approach to finding love," Nick Lachey, one of the season's co-hosts, told the contestants in the first episode (via Netflix). He's probably referencing Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, two contestants from "Love Is Blind's" first season who are still married.

This season's hopeful contestants attempt to date without swiping on dating apps, and they're all ready for a long-lasting love that isn't superficial. One of the more popular contestants is Iyanna McNeely, who's taking over Reddit discussions and Twitter threads, as fans root for her. Here's what we know about this new fan-favorite.

Iyanna McNeely is a fan-favorite already

"Welcome to my pod," Iyanna McNeely enticingly says to greet her date — and home viewers — in the first episode of "Love Is Blind" Season 2, before bursting into laughter. Her personality immediately shines through as a down-to-earth, charismatic, and funny person, and we see much more of it throughout the season. It's then immediately clear why McNeely is so popular. For example, one fan tweeted, "Can we all agree that Iyanna is our favorite this season?"

On Instagram, McNeely already has 25,000 followers as of the time of writing. She describes herself in her bio as "Exceptionally adaptable. Amazingly introverted. Painfully amazing." We agree on all three counts. According to her LinkedIn profile, McNeely has worked as a project coordinator at Golden Surrogacy, an agency that specializes in gestational surrogacy. McNeely's own past, which she revealed on the show, hasn't been easy, and her professional life seems to have been shaped by it. "My desire is to become an asset to an organization that assists children and their families who are facing challenging situations. I strongly believe that without a great support system and the correct tools, it is harder to thrive," she wrote in her bio.

"I learned that I am extremely resilient and that I've grown quite a bit. I took that time and it paid off, and I'm pretty proud of myself," McNeely said exclusively to The List about her time on the show.