How To Prep Your Hair For Your Next Hair Appointment

Getting your hair done can be one of the most exciting events. Whether it's just a cut or adding some color to your hair, you want to leave the hair salon with a huge smile on your face. It's therefore no wonder why blowouts are so popular on weekends. They make you feel put together, and reaffirm the the idea of "a good hair day." When your hair looks good, it boosts your self-esteem, and you feel good about yourself (via the HuffPost).

If you understand the power of gorgeous hair, you need to invest time in a hair consultation with a stylist that has experience working with your hair type. If they have special expertise in what you want to do to your hair, whether it's cutting curly hair or adding balayage to already chemically treated hair, this is a plus. According to, you need to have an honest and open conversation about your hair type, hair history, and your expectations, so the hairstylist can tell you if what you want is possible, how much it will cost, and the maintenance plan you'll need to follow. Once you have picked the right stylist, had the hair consultation, and decided on what you're doing, you need to prep your hair for the hair appointment.

This is how you should prepare for a hair appointment

Fast-forward to the day of your appointment: You're excited, and you've set aside your payment and tip. Still, before you walk out the door, you need to do a few things.

When you work from home, for example, you might not be washing your hair as often, so you're using a bunch of products to maintain it. Southern Living strongly recommends you stop using all hair products before your appointment because the buildup can affect your hair's texture and influence your potential cut and color. "It's fine to use products you normally use for your everyday blow dry but stay away from a lot of hairsprays," Alabama-based hairstylist Leza Duncan explained. However, it's still polite to wash your hair.

The only exception to this rule is if you're getting your hair colored. Kim Kardashian's colorist, Lori Goddard, recommends not washing your hair for up to 48 hours before your appointment because the natural oils on your scalp protect against chemicals in the hair dye, and washing your hair strips the oil away (via Byrdie). Most hair appointments start with a wash, but that doesn't mean you should show up with unbrushed hair. InStyle explains that it is salon etiquette to come to your appointment with detangled hair, so the stylist doesn't have to work through any knots. After all, you want the stylist to have a good impression of you, right?