Josh Flagg From Million Dollar Listing Reveals His Thoughts About Having Kids

Josh Flagg has it all. Aside from a lucrative, challenging career as part of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," he's been happily married to fellow realtor Bobby Boyd since 2017. According to Bravo's Daily Dish, in a since-deleted blog post, originally published in 2020, Boyd opened up about how much he'd learned from spending his life with the reality star.

"Josh challenges me in so many ways that no one else ever has before, which is one of the many reasons why I married him," he wrote. "He truly is one of my greatest teachers." In particular, as Boyd admitted, "Since we have such different personalities, I have had to learn the art of practicing patience, and knowing when to compromise."

However, he also acknowledged, "Our experiences together have been some of the best times of my entire life." In fact, Flagg's celebrity allows Boyd to bring more attention to causes that are important to him. "The only difficulty is how determined and stubborn he can be once he has his sights set on what he wants," Bobby revealed. 

So, is the "Million Dollar Listing" star intent on having children, too?

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd have a full life without kids

As Bravo's Daily Dish points out, in recent spinoff "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh," the differences between the morning routines of star agents Josh Flagg and Josh Altman were starkly showcased as the former enjoyed a relaxing lie-in while the latter was stuck running around after his kids first thing in the morning.

As it turns out, Flagg doesn't plan on changing his laidback lifestyle any time soon either. During an appearance on podcast "The Skinny Confidential," the in-demand realtor admitted he wasn't sure whether being a father would suit him. Sharing a clip from the show on Instagram, Flagg wrote simply, "Some of us aren't meant for included."

The issue came up following a discussion over co-star Tracy Tutor's daughters, Juliet and Scarlett, whom Flagg quipped he believed up until recently were actually called "Charlotte and Denise." As a result, Tutor wondered aloud whether kids were in her friend's future. Thankfully, the "Million Dollar Listing" star has a full life at home with husband Bobby Boyd.

The happy couple shares a couple dogs they frequently pose with on social media, with Boyd writing "thankful for these turkeys" in a 2021 Thanksgiving post. Clearly, these two have enough energy to deal with already, without adding kids to the mix.