The Jesse Metcalfe Hallmark Movie That's Actually Worth Your Time

Most will recognise Jesse Metcalfe for his titular role in the 2006 romantic comedy "John Tucker Must Die," but since then he's become a SAG Award-winning actor performing opposite the likes of Michael Douglas in "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and Erika Christensen in "The Tortured."

Born in Monterey, California and raised in Waterford, Connecticut, Metcalfe has always been a fan of the performing arts — particularly acting (via the actor's official site). He studied at New York University and the Tisch School of Arts before beginning his modelling career which would eventually land him a role on NBC's daytime drama "Passions." Metcalfe's career took of from there, which would eventually lead him to become a regular face on the Hallmark Channel.

Viewers of the network will be very familiar with the actor, who has become one of Hallmark's leading men. He's starred in three movies for the network since joining in 2015 (via entertainment blog QC Approved), including the holiday romances "Christmas Next Door" and "Christmas Under the Stars." He also has a main role in the multi-generational family drama "Chesapeake Shores," as well as the mystery drama series "A Martha's Vineyard Mystery" alongside Sarah Lind.

Jesse Metcalfe's music talents are showcased in A Country Wedding

But it's his debut movie for the Hallmark Channel called "A Country Wedding" that often has many of Jessie Metcalfe's fans talking, with it being the sort of rom-com that you cuddle up in a duvet for. In the movie, Metcalfe plays a famous country singer called Bradley Suttons, who is set to marry a Hollywood actress. To prepare for the ceremony, he returns to the small town he grew up in and inevitably crosses paths with his childhood sweetheart Sarah Standor (played by Autumn Reeser).

As you'd expect, drama ensues as Bradley has to reevaluate his life choices — does he marry his wife-to-be Catherine (Laura Mennell), or does he follow his heart and the rekindled relationship he forms with Autumn?

In addition to the drama, the film boosts an original soundtrack courtesy of Metcalfe's guitar talents. "I've been playing guitar and singing and writing music for ten years," the actor told Pop Culture Principle, adding that he's also provided original songs for "Chesapeake Shores" as well.