The Family Chantel Season 4: Details We Know So Far

Of the many, many, many spinoffs "90 Day Fiancé" has inspired, "The Family Chantel" might just be the most successful. As Screen Rant notes, the super popular reality show follows fan favorite couple Pedro and Chantel Jimeno, as they continue to fight for their relationship — and fight with each other, and with their families — after their time on "90 Day Fiancé" wrapped.

"The Family Chantel" was born from how instantly lovable the couple was, their outsized personalities impossible to contain in a single show. Likewise, they had a variety of eccentric family members viewers were dying to see more of, from Chantel's sister, Winter Everett, who was dealing with a toxic relationship, to Pedro's gaggle of outspoken sisters, who questioned every decision he made.

Meanwhile, Chantel's parents, Karen and Thomas Everett, didn't trust Pedro's intentions at first, believing he was just after a green card and some easy money. Her brother, Riverknight Everett, even got involved in a full-on brawl with Pedro at one stage, while Chantel memorably feuded with his sisters, Nicole and Lidia Jimeno. Suffice to say, there was plenty of drama to mine. 

It's unsurprising, then, that "The Family Chantel" is already three seasons strong despite only debuting in 2019. With Season 3 in the rear-view, fans are clamoring for a fourth go-round with this lovably frantic family. This is everything we know about "The Family Chantel" Season 4 thus far.

Has The Family Chantel been renewed for Season 4?

As Premiere Date notes, "The Family Chantel" has yet to be renewed for Season 4. However, it's reasonable to assume it will be. As Next Season TV points out, the third season was one of the show's most compelling yet, which is really saying something considering its origins. A family vacation to the Philippines has left the group more fractured than ever, as Chantel Jimeno's brother, Royal Everett, and his wife decided they were done with them for good. 

Meanwhile, Riverknight Everett was dating seriously for the first time, much to the shock of his parents and Chantel alike, while Winter got back with boyfriend Jah and was even considering marrying him. Pedro Jimeno traveled to the Dominican Republic to finally find out the truth about his father, accompanied by Chantel, Winter and Karen Everett. His sister, Nicole Jimeno, also fought frequently with her own partner, who was revealed to be keeping a huge secret from her. 

Season 3 debuted in October 2021 and wrapped in December, meaning there was almost a year gap between Season 2 ending, in November 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic likely had something to do with the delay, though it's worth noting there was also a 12-month gap between Season 1 ending, in September 2019, and Season 2 premiering, in October 2020. We might have a little while to wait for Season 4 as a result, but it could drop sometime in fall 2022. 

Who will be in the cast of The Family Chantel Season 4?

Chantel Jimeno is one of the most beloved stars in "90 Day Fiancé" history, so it's unsurprising fans have flocked to watch her and the rest of the Everetts on "The Family Chantel," even if, as Screen Rant acknowledges, she wasn't the focus of Season 3. In fact, long-time love Pedro Jimeno took center-stage this time around, as he fought to reconnect with his estranged father and half-siblings.

Judging by Chantel's Instagram page, she's continuing to live large, regularly posing in fabulous outfits and attending flashy events. She also remains close with Royal, Winter, and Riverknight Everett, judging by recent content, so we can expect all of them to return for Season 4, alongside their hilarious parents. And, although Chantel and sister-in-law Nicole Jimeno feuded during Season 3, it's unlikely she's going to stop being on the show since their drama is gold.

Naturally, Chantel's marriage to Pedro is still going strong too, with the happy couple recently celebrating Chantel's birthday in style together. Ultimately, until somebody publicly quits, it's reasonable to assume the entire "Family Chantel" will be intact when the show returns for Season 4 — or they'll be fractured, for viewers' entertainment. 

What else can we expect from Season 4 of The Family Chantel?

According to Screen Rant, Season 3 of "The Family Chantel" was the most popular with viewers yet. Following extensive criticism over scenes across the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise being too produced to even be entertaining, let alone believable, viewers appreciated the rawness of the various interpersonal relationships shown throughout "The Family Chantel." In fact, they're hoping the producers take notes going forward and put the emphasis back on real-life drama instead. 

As for what Season 4 could potentially be about, Screen Rant suggests they could continue the storylines introduced during the previous season, including, obviously, maintaining the focus on Pedro and Chantel Jimeno's marriage. Elsewhere, Pedro's relationship with his father could be further explored in the fourth season, particularly after we learned he had another family after leaving Pedro and sister Nicole Jimeno. 

Likewise, Winter Everett's recent breakup with Jah should prove fertile ground for drama, especially if she continues moving on without him, as fans of the show are hoping. Winter is a major favorite on "The Family Chantel," and everyone is rooting for her. In fact, the entire Everett family continues to be a hit, so no matter which way Season 4 goes, it's sure to be a must-watch.