Meet Kyle Abrams From The New Season Of Love Is Blind

"Love is Blind" is back for a second season! After the first season aired in Netflix in the beginning of 2020, the popular dating show quickly became an instant hit. As Marie Claire detailed, the show's premise is unlike anything we've seen before. Two people spend hours talking behind a wall, and are only allowed to see each other's faces if they make a love connection AND agree to get engaged. After the engagement, they enter the real world and have a month to decide if their blind love is a forever love.

Fans have been waiting a long time for the return of "Love is Blind," and so far, have not been disappointed with the debut of Season 2. When it aired in February 2022, viewers quickly fell in love with the new cast. Per Esquire, the show's contestants hail from Chicago, and live in a Netflix-rented apartment, while deciding whether or not to have a wedding. Once the first few episode of "Love Is Blind" aired, we saw a few couples find insta-love — including Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley, who chose to meet in person and get engaged. But besides the fact that he falls in love quickly, what else do we know about Abrams?

Is Kyle Abrams still with Shaina Hurley?

While his experience on "Love is Blind" is anything but average, 29-year-old Kyle Abrams lives a seemingly regular life. According to Netflix Life, Abrams works in construction and is responsible for cutting and installing glass products in homes and buildings. More specifically, ScreenRant reports that he is what is known as a "glazier." When he's not busy working, Abrams' Instagram page gives us a bit more insight into his hobbies, which include jet skiing and hanging with his dog, Jasper. When it comes to his love life, he's avoiding anyone who's overly negative or pessimistic, as "that is one of his biggest pet peeves," per ScreenRant.

On the show, Abrams is one of the 15 men who does, in fact, find love. According to Stylecaster, he gets engaged to castmate Shaina Hurley, and the two set off on vacation together — only to find out they may not be compatible due to religious differences. Because Hurley is a Christian, while Abrams considers himself to be an atheist, this leaves Hurley unsure of a future with Abrams, and she even opts to stay in a separate room on the very first night of their trip. It's unclear whether or not the couple is still together as of this writing, but Stylecaster tells us that the two are still following each other on Instagram ... so make of that what you will.