If You're A Pisces, This Cocktail Is A Must-Try

Many of us adore a good cocktail, especially a handcrafted one after a long week. Nothing gets our hearts racing like making our way over to our favorite corner bar with friends or co-workers and poring over the cocktail list to try something new. As of late, restaurants, and bars all seem to be stepping up their cocktail game more than ever, becoming so inventive it feels difficult to choose most of the time. Pisco sours get a dose of creaminess from their classic egg white component, but are oftentimes enhanced by ingredients like citrusy yuzu, fragrant lavender, spicy ginger, or sharp grapefruit. Meanwhile, even traditional Old Fashioned cocktails are sometimes flipped with deep fall spices or maple. No matter the cocktail list placed in front of you on any given night, inventive combinations make it even more difficult to settle on just one.

Luckily, there's one tool you might have not realized is in your cocktail-picking toolbox — your zodiac sign. You might be scratching your head at this, but hear us out — astrology is ubiquitous throughout history for a reason, allowing us to see our own personalities in a new light. Your sun sign is a reflection of your innermost self, the way you probably view yourself as, and it only becomes truer as we age, according to Refinery29. If you're a Pisces, using your sign to choose your next cocktail may just lead you to a drink that pleases your most mystical, reflective self.

The perfect cocktail for any Pisces is the complex, celestial Aviation

If you're a Pisces, it might not come as a surprise that the perfect cocktail for you is dark, slightly brooding, and has a generous dose of mystique and complexity. As a fish sign, you are notoriously pensive, deeply creative, slightly reserved, and above all things, empathetic. You feel the world around you more than any other zodiac sign, and can oftentimes become overwhelmed with too much information bustling around you (as in city lights or tons of noise) – or with other people's feelings. You read others and entire rooms better than anyone else, and are natural empaths. Pisces are so sensitive they are downright magic – and many astrologists see people under this sign as psychic, almost supernatural beings that are between this dimension and the next. 

The perfect drink for a Pisces is undoubtedly the classic Aviation cocktail, which traditionally consists of gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, and crème de violette, which gives it its trademark mystical purple hue. As per A Couple Cooks, this cocktail was invented in the 1900's in New York City, and has a natural elegance and flair –- very indicative of any Pisces. In fact, just like the fish sign is known to be sweet yet hide some seriously biting wit, Aviations are a perfect mix between sugary and sharp with citrus. Meanwhile, the color is a dead-ringer for Pisces' planet Neptune, which gives people of this sign their signature dreaminess.