The Surprising Actor Mary Holland Wants To See In Season 2 Of The Woman In The House - Exclusive

Plenty of people watched "The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window" on Netflix and didn't quite realize that the Kristen Bell-led series is a satire. 

The show — which riffs on the recent string of books and movies that mix messy women with unsolved crimes — faced a lot of criticism, with scenes ranging from over-the-top to downright absurd. But that's the point. 

If you've ever scrolled through the depths of Netflix's original content, you might have noticed a similarly named movie starring Amy Adams as a character named — you guessed it — Anna. Like Kristen Bell's Anna, Adams' character also witnesses something sinister in her neighbor's window, and fans go on a journey with her to discover what really happened.

In the case of "The Woman in the House," however, the absurdity amps up to hilarious new levels. And, unlike "The Woman in the Window," Bell's Anna has her best friend, Sloane, played by Mary Holland, to help her navigate.

During an exclusive interview with The List, Holland dished on what she'd love to see in a possible Season 2 and which character from the first season she'd like to share scenes with down the line.

Mary Holland has her sights set on actors for a possible Season 2

Mary Holland has one favorite actor from "The Woman in the House" that she'd love to see in a potential Season 2. 

"I would love Christina Anthony's detective character to come back. I think that she's very funny," she said. "The way Christina played her was so smart and so funny, and it would be great if she came back and continued to try to rein Anna's character in."

When it comes to actors who haven't been in the series, Holland has a few she'd like to appear in the show in some capacity. 

"Oh boy. There [are] so many phenomenal comedy actors that would be fantastic on the show, but it would be really cool to see people who mostly do dramas or have done this genre but the serious version of it, like Amy Adams or Emily Blunt or like these characters who have played 'The Woman in the Blank,'" she said. "To see them come on and do something fun would be really satisfying."

Given that Amy Adams' "The Woman in the Window" hugely inspired "The Woman in the House," her cameo would be delightfully meta.

What does the future hold for Sloane?

The Season 1 finale of "The Woman in the House" leaves things pretty open-ended, making the show's future uncertain. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate. 

While Holland doesn't know specifics, she has high hopes for a possible Season 2.

"I have no idea what would be in store if there's a second season, but all of those actors and those characters — it was so wonderfully performed across the board," she said. "I hope I get to play with all of them again in a Season 2 or in something else." 

As for Sloane's potential future, Holland would like to see her branch out and interact with more characters than just Kristen Bell's Anna.

"But maybe that's part of her game is that she doesn't interact with any other characters besides Anna," she said. "Maybe she's been a figment of Anna's imagination this whole time." 

Well, Sloane being an imaginary friend wouldn't be the wildest plot twist from the series, but most fans would probably prefer that she stay corporeal.

Season 1 of "The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window" is now streaming on Netflix.