The Truth About Celine Dion's Weight Loss

Since Céline Dion lost her husband, René Angélil, to cancer back in 2016, her fans have noticed that she has steadily been losing weight and some are concerned. Let's be honest — the Canadian pop star has never not been thin, so it's understandable that some were worried.

According to Hello! magazine, after Dion's Las Vegas residency was canceled in late 2021 and her North American tour dates were postponed in early 2022, the singer shared a heartfelt video message, in which she looks perfectly healthy, combatting rumors of poor health. She communicated that she hoped everyone was "staying safe in these difficult times," referring to the coronavirus pandemic. Dion also communicated her remorse for being unable to perform in 2022 and her hopes that we "don't despair" because her and her team "feel really good about doing the shows in 2023."

From a new exercise routine to rumors about her diet to Dion's own theories behind why she is so thin, here's the truth behind Céline Dion's weight loss.

Céline Dion's weight may be due to genetics

Céline Dion's weight has been a topic of conversation for years, but it wasn't until the already-thin "My Heart Will Go On" singer began to shed even more pounds in recent years that her size began to make headlines again. According to The Guardian, Dion at least partially attributes her thin stature to genetics, explaining, "I have been thin all my life. Nobody in my family is overweight."

According to Harvard Health Publishing, while genetics plays a role in weight with "genes [accounting] for just 25% of the predisposition to be overweight," some people may experience a "genetic influence ... as high as 70% to 80%." In fact, they say that your chance of becoming obese is as high as 80% if both of your parents are obese. So, maybe Dion is onto something with this theory for her thin stature. She simply may have inherited this physical trait.

She's had to address rumors about her weight loss

It's not uncommon for people to speculate and spread rumors that a celebrity has an eating disorder, and Céline Dion is no exception to such ugliness. According to a 2007 article in The Guardian, when the rumors that she was anorexic were brought up, Dion became irritated and denied that she has an eating disorder, specifically saying, "I'm not anorexic." On the contrary, Dion seems to really enjoy food.

According to Dion's 2008-2009 tour rider (via The Smoking Gun), she requires bottled water, diet Coke, a bowl of potato chips (she insists "no Ruffles"), and fresh fruit that's in season in her dressing room. Not only does Dion snack on fatty potato chips and sugary fruits, but she's been photographed eating hot dogs as well. Also, according to a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dion doesn't even do that whole "just a smoothie" thing for breakfast that you'd expect from someone of her caliber. When asked what a typical breakfast is for her, she said, "I have to have my coffee every morning — regular. ... And a croissant."

Dion explained her theory for why she thinks rumors that she has an eating disorder continue to circulate (via The Guardian), saying, "It pisses people off that I am thin and I don't make any effort."

She attributes her weight to her astrological sign and anxious tendencies

Céline Dion may get frustrated when people assume she doesn't eat due to her insistence that her thin figure is genetic. However, this isn't the only thing she credits for her size. Dion told Rachael Ray back in the 2000s, "They think I'm starving myself, that I don't eat, that I exercise all the time. It's not true." She explained that her father and her siblings are all thin as well. Dion also attributed her ability to burn calories to her zodiac sign, saying, "I'm Aries, and I'm a very nervous person ... I'm very energetic. You lose a lot of calories."

Dion's energy was very noticeable during the interview, as she was constantly moving around and randomly singing. While astrology isn't a science, the fact that Dion displays a lot of energy and is a self-proclaimed "nervous person" could contribute to her thin stature. According to a study published in Cell Metabolism in 2019, there is some research to suggest that there is a link between anxiety and an increase in metabolism.

She maintains that her weight loss has nothing to do with poor health

Some have, understandably, been worried about Céline Dion's weight loss. Luckily, there doesn't seem to be any indication that the Canadian pop star is in poor health. According to ABC News, Dion addressed her weight loss in 2019 by saying, "It's true that I'm a little thinner. Everything's fine. Nothing's wrong."

Although, according to Rolling Stone, due to "severe and persistent muscle spasms," Dion had to cancel the North American part of her tour that was scheduled to begin in March 2022. This is the second time that Dion has had to put shows on hold due to these reported "muscle spasms" that are "preventing her from performing." In October of 2021, Dion also had to cancel her Las Vegas residency shows because of this health issue.

In response to her more recent cancelation, Dion released a statement saying, "I was really hoping that I'd be good to go by now, but I suppose I just have to be more patient and follow the regimen that my doctors are prescribing." She added that she will be "so glad to get back to full health, as well as all of us getting past this pandemic, and [she] can't wait to be back on stage again."

She's taken up ballet

Not only does Céline Dion have an active personality and put on very energetic shows when she's performing, but according to a 2019 article in People, Dion's weight loss since her husband's death may just be due to the fact that she has taken up ballet since then. On top of her responsibilities as a single mom and pop diva, Dion also has begun practicing ballet in her spare time.

Dion explained, "Dancing has been in my DNA all of my life." However, the Canadian pop star turned 53 in 2021, and, whether it's just because of the nature of ballet or her age, she's described ballet as "so hard!" Despite this, in 2019, she was practicing ballet four times a week. Dion told People, "People say, 'She's a lot thinner' but I'm working hard.' I like to move and [weight loss] comes with it."

She doesn't care what you think about her weight

Céline Dion has come a long way since her husband's death. Not only has she taken up ballet and succeeded as a single mother, but as noted by Elle, she has also become a fashion icon and a spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris (because she liked their tagline "I'm worth it"). Dion wants to encourage other people to be confident, explaining, "You cannot limit yourself. My life started over at 50; I feel happy, I feel beautiful. I thought, 'I must have done something right for this to be happening.'"

Dion responded to criticism of her weight and bolder style choices over the years in a 2019 article with The Sun, saying, "If I like it, I don't want to talk about it. Don't bother. Don't take a picture," adding, "If you like it, I'll be there. If you don't, leave me alone." Bottom line: Dion doesn't give a hoot about what you think about her body or her outrageous style choices. Dion seems to want to focus on the good in life, and we could all learn a little something from that.