Fans Are Far From Surprised That Anna Delvey Runs In The Same Circle As This Celebrity

If you have a Netflix subscription, odds are you've already binge-watched "Inventing Anna." The show is centered around the impossible-to-believe true story of Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin and her time in New York. "Inventing Anna" also takes viewers through Jessica Pressler's infamous New York Magazine investigation into Delvey's attempts to scam New York's elite society. The story was made all the better due to Delvey's unique, blunt, and often polarizing personality, and the Netflix series certainly became a hit due to Julia Garner's iconic portrayal of her.

While many remember the original story from the time it unfolded, "Inventing Anna" has given it new life, with a new generation of fans delving into every detail of Delvey's life. Who hasn't gone on a deep-dive of Delvey's Instagram account after watching, or fallen down a rabbit hole of tracking every detail from the show to see what was real? The series may have concluded, but the drama is far from over. Just recently, Delvey took to her Instagram stories to share a rant attacking her accuser and ex-friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams, per Buzzfeed

The biggest part of Delvey's ploy was her social circle. She was constantly surrounded by New York's elite society, and she always had a seat at every event or party in the city — this was the name of the game for Delvey. This is primarily why people are still intrigued by who Delvey's circle of friends included during this time. No one could have expected, though, that one of her friends turned out to be none other than Kanye West's ex, Julia Fox (via Buzzfeed). 

Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin and Julia Fox are close friends

While she is currently in an ICE detention center, Anna Delvey revealed in an interview with The New York Times that she was actually friends with Julia Fox. Delvey explained, "We have some mutual friends — she is a girl about town." Delvey even answered people's dying question of how the pair met. She revealed that they met via Instagram and exchanged messages before Fox hopped on to Delvey's Clubhouse session. "I was answering people's questions about my experience, and she made the forum so much better. She asked all the right questions. We have a similar sense of humor. She was never judgmental, and we've stayed in touch ever since," Delvey said.

According to Glamour, the feelings appear to be mutual, as Fox took to her Instagram stories to shoutout her "Dear sis," Delvey, and applauded how she's, "Killing it behind bars." At first this crossover may have seemed surprising, but fans instantly admitted it was an understandable connection. One Twitter user, @WrittenByHanna said, "Julia Fox and Anna Delvey being friends makes so much sense," (via Twitter). Someone even drew the connection between the two's iconic accents in a Tweet, "The way julia fox pronounces 'uncut gems' is the same as anna delvey would."

One thing the two women have in common is their hustle, and Delvey even revealed to The New York Times that they're cooking up something together. "We are actually working on a little something together," she revealed. With these two, there's no telling what it could be.