Who Is Vladimir Putin's Ex-Wife?

Vladimir Putin is the current Russian president, and one of the most feared political figures. The Russian politician has served in just about every governmental office the country has (via Britannica). He was an intelligence officer before becoming president from 1999 to 2008, before taking office again in 2012. Putin has remained in office since. Additionally, he served as the country's prime minister from 2008 to 2012. 

As Russia invades Ukraine, Putin does not have much support, domestically or abroad. Many Russians are protesting the impending war, per The Week, and President Joe Biden has made statements in opposition of the invasion, while former president Donald Trump continues to support Putin (via CNN). Public figures like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and celebrities from Gigi Hadid to AnnaLynne McCord have voiced their support for Ukraine in the conflict (via Celeb Well).

Much of Putin's political work is displayed to the general public, and while much of it is often frowned upon by both Russians and global citizens, Putin still has plenty of supporters. However, while his work is public, one aspect of his life that he keeps private is his personal life. For instance, when his daughters are talked about in the media their names are almost never used.

But we do know a few things about the woman who was once married to the Russian president.

His ex wife longed for a life outside of the spotlight

Even though the Russian leader forbids questions about his personal life, it is public record that Putin was married to a woman named Lyudmila Ocheretnaya for nearly 30 years (via Daily Mail). The pair met in St. Petersburg through a mutual friend in the '80s, and had been together for decades before calling it quits (via Insider).

Indeed, the couple announced their divorce in 2013, citing that they grew apart (via Reuters). "Our marriage is over due to the fact that we barely see each other," Ocheretnaya shared, adding, "Vladimir Vladimirovich is completely submerged in his work. Our children have grown up, each of them is living her own life... And I truly don't like publicity." 

Ocheretnaya was never afraid to hide the fact that she disliked being the first lady of Russia, and looked forward to having a quiet life when her divorce was finalized. But not much else is known about her, since as the Independent reports, some journalists who share details of Putin's personal life are fired from their jobs.

Putin's ex wife had an unhappy marriage

While it's hard to find too much information about the time the couple shared, a 2002 biography of the Russian president revealed sad details about his wife's life while married to him. As Express reports, she gave birth alone without Putin by her side as he was out of town and was not even allowed to choose her new daughter's name. "I was in tears. But then I realised there was no choice in the matter and my daughter was going to be Maria," she said about naming the child after Putin's mother.

The mom of two also confided that she was humiliated by Putin always being late for engagements, saying, "After an hour, I would nearly cry out of humiliation." 

Ocheretnaya further said that her husband cheated on her repeatedly while they were together. So, it should come as no surprise that the former Mrs. Putin was relieved to separate from him and attempt to move on with her life.

Putin's ex wife has found a new life after their divorce

While she has kept a low profile since divorcing one of the most controversial politicians in the world, one thing is clear: Ocheretnaya has moved on from being Putin's ex wife. In fact, the former Mrs. Putin was reportedly desperate to separate herself from the father of her children, and as CNN reports, was once believed to have joined an Orthodox convent in an attempt to no longer be associated with the Russian leader.

It's unclear if the convent was ever home to Ocheretnaya, but she is now married to a man named Artur Ocheretny according to the Daily Mail. In a tidbit straight out of a gossip magazine, it's worth noting that Ocheretny is more than 20 years younger than his wife. He works as the director of a nonprofit organization. They recently purchased a villa in France for $7.46 million, and it's here that they live life together outside of the spotlight.

Meanwhile, it's unclear if she has a job, but we do know Ocheretnaya was previously an Aeroflot stewardess.