Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweets About The Ukraine Situation Have The Internet Divided

It should surprise no one that Donald Trump Jr. has a lot to say about the situation in Ukraine. After all, the son of the former president rarely holds his tongue on current political matters and is an outspoken critic of Joe Biden's administration.

Of course, when Trump takes to Twitter to share his thoughts, the results are often divided. Supporters agree with his take and detractors lay into him relentlessly. Case in point is how the political son tweeted a scathing rebuke of the commander in chief as the situation in Ukraine deteriorated. "Biden won't sanction Putin today and he won't even answer why... I guess whatever Putin has on Hunter/The Big Guy is even worse than what we've all seen on the laptop from hell," Trump commented Thursday, February 24, 2022, the day Russia invaded Ukraine (via CNN).

"The correct response is. As Americans we have our differences, but in trying times like these we need to stand together to fight against dictators and oppressors, our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine. See how that works, it's called being patriotic and having class," one person chided Trump (via Twitter).

Many other Twitter users shared photos of Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin together (via Twitter) and hinted that his father didn't exactly have control over the foreign leader either (via Twitter).

Donald Trump Jr. had a lot more to say about Biden's handling of the Ukraine situation

Donald Trump Jr. was not done criticizing Joe Biden in the wake of the invasion, sarcastically tweeting on Wednesday night, "What are the odds that Joe Biden is up right now guiding our response to the Ukraine situation?" He even included a poll so people could weigh in on the matter. However, it was rather biased: Users could only select between "0% Chance" and "0% but that's prob good." 

"Did anyone really think that Putin would respect Biden for even a moment or were you just ok selling that to make him seem like a viable leader rather than the feckless dementia riddled old man the rest of the world sees?" Trump asked (via Twitter). Some of his followers piled on, tweeting responses like, "Biden is a shell of a person at this point. It's really sad" (via Twitter). Someone else tweeted, "I miss your dad being in action" (via Twitter).

But others were dismayed that the Republican would blast Biden given his father's relationship with Putin. "At least Biden didn't praise Putin and claim that nothing was going to happen," one person tweeted. Many Twitter users shared memes and comments that blamed Donald Trump for what is currently happening in Ukraine (via Twitter).

Donald Trump Jr. implied he missed the days when Donald Trump was president

The former president's son continued to criticize Joe Biden's response to the developing situation. In a series of tweets Donald Trump Jr. implied that things might be safer if his father was still in office. "I could really use a mean Tweet and forgo a ground war with Russia right about now," he tweeted. "But no mean tweets," he sarcastically applauded in another tweet. This is likely an allusion to complaints about his father Donald Trump's habit of tweeting incendiary remarks. The New York Times documented some of the elder Trump's insults that were published on Twitter from the time he launched his campaign through the suspension of his account. 

Responses to these tweets ran the gamut. Some were quick to voice their agreement. "We miss your father," one user wrote (via Twitter). "Your Father would have been able to come to an agreement that made all happy," another speculated (via Twitter). However, others vocally disagreed with Donald Trump Jr.'s tweets. "A real leader," someone posted alongside a photo of Biden at work (via Twitter). "I really enjoy having a president who doesn't praise an invading dictator," another naysayer tweeted. This was likely in response to the former president recently referring to Vladimir Putin as "savvy" and his moves as "genius" (via NPR). 

Someone questioned Trump's character: "The fact that you are revelling [sic] in this tells me all I need to know about you" (via Twitter).

Donald Trump Jr. seemed to claim Americans weren't concerned about the right issues

Donald Trump Jr.'s fleet of tweets continued. In another he seemed to imply that Americas were focused on the wrong things. "Maybe it's time we start worrying about real s*** instead of our pronouns," he mused (via Twitter). The implication came in the midst of a public outcry after the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, released a letter that equated providing transgender children with gender-affirming care to child abuse (via NBC News). Celebrities including Elliot Page and Jamie Lee Curtis spoke out against the letter (via USA Today).

Several critics rushed to reply to Trump's tweet. One of the first commenters agreed and presented a topic to focus on instead. "Your father was featured on Russian TV last night in their justification on why Putin's invasion of Ukraine is 'savvy,'" they tweeted. Another pointed out the same point (via Twitter). "So people should only worry about what you deem worthy? Identity is a core human concern, just because you don't have that problem doesn't mean it isn't valid. Respect is a basic requirement of teamwork, adulthood, really," another wrote (via Twitter). 

There's no denying that Donald Trump Jr. knows how to start a conversation.