Are Proven Skincare Products Worth It?

The power of AI technology is taking over practically everything including household voice assistants, what music you listen to, and now your skincare routine. That's the goal of Proven Skincare, which uses AI to help you create a completely customized skincare regimen. The company uses its Skin Genome Quiz to collect information about your skincare needs, including details on your skin conditions, screen use, local environment, and other factors that may affect your complexion. The quiz is part of the skincare company's Skin Genome Project, a database which Proven says includes information on the effectiveness of over 20,000 ingredients, testimonials from over 20 million people, and findings from thousands of scientific studies.

After taking the quiz, Proven's AI system matches you with a personalized skincare set including a cleanser, day cream, and night cream. Each is designed for your exact skin type and conditions, with each customer receiving an entirely different formulation. Each product set is also meant to last for only two months before being updated based on new lifestyle and climate factors (such as if the seasons change or if you become pregnant).

As noted by Deep Science, the ingredients that make up each formulation are proven to work, with Proven Skincare turning to a variety of popular skincare actives such as hyaluronic acid and retinol to create their products. Whether you're looking to fight aging or acne, according to Proven Skincare, all you need is to use their three-product system each day to improve your complexion.

Are the results of Proven Skincare worth the price?

For your own Proven Skincare product set, expect to pay around $130 when you first sign up. Because these products are meant to last only two months, the company promotes a subscription, though you can make a one-time purchase for $30 more. You can also purchase each piece of the skincare system individually.

Spending over $100 every two months on skincare may be enough to break the bank for some. However, Proven Skincare has a loyal following that believes the price is worth it. According to the company's website, the products are rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars by over 20,000 reviewers. On Trustpilot, the rating is currently slightly higher at around 4.7 stars.

If you're tired of spending time and money testing out different skincare products, not knowing if something is actually suitable for your skin, Proven Skincare is worth a try. But, be aware that the products are meant to be replaced frequently. If you're used to buying one bottle of face wash or one jar of night cream and having it last several months, you may need to adjust your budget to accommodate a regular Proven Skincare subscription.

It's also important to recognize that how you answer Proven's quiz questions can drastically impact your results. Some answers may overemphasize certain issues while ignoring others, but if you realize your formulation isn't right for you, you can receive a new one at no extra cost.