The Best Wine To Drink If You're An Aquarius

People look to the stars for a lot of different reasons. Some want to get more in-tune with their feelings or find the perfect love match, but others just want the perfect glass of wine. Believe it or not, your zodiac sign could tell you more than the menu at your favorite bar, because what you order at the bar says a lot about who you are as a person. Every zodiac sign has a drink that embodies who they are as a person — whether it's their quirkiness or ability to bring fun to any situation. For the Aquarius out there, it's all about their bold, somewhat dry personality. While they like to have a good time, it's in their own way and on their own terms. According to, Aquarius doesn't conform to societal standards, and is instead motivated by the desire to make a difference in the world. In short, Aquarius isn't necessarily ordering the most trendy drink at the bar.

If you're looking for the right drink as an Aquarius, you'll be happy to know that you have plenty of options. Whether you're looking to grab a glass of red or white, or even just entertain a group of friends, here are the wines that will fit your vibes. 

For Aquarians who are into reds, pick a cabernet sauvignon

If there's one thing to know about Aquarius, it's that they have a bold personality. They are often extremely passionate about what they believe in, they're not afraid to speak up and advocate for these beliefs. Based on this assessment, it makes sense that cabernet sauvignon is the drink for them. As Taste of Home puts it, this wine fits an Aquarius' "assertive confidence." It's a bold, safe-but-not-too-safe choice that makes sense for their personalities.

While a hearty glass of red might not seem like the best choice for every occasion, an Aquarius will tell you otherwise. A glass of red at the end of a long day? Yes, please. A wine night with friends? Also perfect. Ordering it at the bar? Some people might shy away from doing so, but not an Aquarius. They're confident enough in their choice to make the order. Not to mention that it also makes them noticeable for all the right reasons — because (let's be honest), a girl who orders red wine at the bar is pretty cool.

For Aquarians who prefer whites, choose a sauvignon blanc

Of course, a red wine isn't the only perfect choice. Just because you'd rather have a glass of white doesn't mean you're any less of an Aquarius. In fact, you probably like the same tasting notes, just with a pinch more sweetness. But, of course, not too sweet. After all, you're not a Pisces — who, as Bustle points out, is one of the sweetest signs in the zodiac. Your bold, dry personality carries over to your bottle of white as well, making sauvignon blanc the perfect choice for you.

"Crisp and dry, sauvignon blanc has a citrusy flavor that's assertive, acidic and even sharp, the way Aquarians can be sometimes," Astrologer Skye Alexander tells Eating Well. Again, just like the red wine option, sauvignon blanc is a safe order, though it's not *the* safest. That's what makes it right up an Aquarius' alley. As Eating Well additionally points out, the name of the wine comes from the French word "sauvage," which means wild. That's a play on an Aquarius' rebellious side. 

For Aquarians who are hosting other air signs, go with sparkling wine

Aquarius isn't often entertaining people, but when they are, it's likely another air sign. As an Aquarius, it can be hard to come back down to Earth and ground yourself with good company, though that doesn't mean you need to. In fact, your perfect drink has you leaning into your bubbly side. According to Wine Folly, a glass of champagne is the perfect choice for an air sign because it is light and expressive.

If champagne is a little too fancy for your particular occasion, try opting for your favorite sparkling wine instead. Per The Wine Cellar, it's a bit more free-spirited than your typical wine, and allows an Aquarius keep their head right above the clouds (where it usually is anyway). You could try sparkling water if you're looking to go the sober route, or alternately, pace yourself with the same bubbly vibe that works so well for you. Whatever you're drinking, rest assured that an Aquarius is going to bring a lot to the conversation. They might not be as loud as other signs, but odds are they'd love for you to ask them what they're drinking.