Dazzling Makeup Ideas To Use If Your Favorite Color Is Blue

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Blue is known for being a calming and appealing color often associated with water. According to Bustle, "the color blue is also symbolic of depth, trust and loyalty." Not only is it a soothing color associated with reliability, but it's popular in the fashion and art worlds as well, as Pantone named Classic Blue the official Color of the Year 2020 and Very Peri, a lively hue with tones of blue and purple, the Color of the Year 2022.

Wearing blue clothing can make you appear calmer, and an excellent aspect of this color is that there are so many shades and variations to choose from, such as royal blue, turquoise, sky blue, blue-green, or blue-violet. If you're feeling adventurous, why not get blue hair for a head-turning look? Another way to add this chill color to your appearance is to apply blue makeup. Wearing blue makeup will help you exude a stunning, aquatic vibe.

Bring the beauty of blue to your eyelids

Since there are so many shades and variations of blue, the makeup options are endless. One excellent way to incorporate blue into your look is by the eye area. Blue makeup can match and enhance blue eyes or add striking contrast to brown or green eyes. Whether you are looking for something subtle or dramatic, blue eyeshadow is a great way to go. 

Currently retailing for $14, ColourPop's Blue Moon eyeshadow palette features various shades of blue, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from depending on your mood. If you want to bring in another color, L'Oreal suggests pairing blue with either green or a neutral color like black or nude.

For a more simple look, Byrdie recommends applying the eyeshadow only along the lash line, creating a line of blue from the eye's crease to its corner. If you're after a more intense appearance, the outlet says to "apply a blue eyeliner on the top lash line first, and follow up by blending a blue eyeshadow on top and outward in a wing shape towards the outer corners of the eyes." 

Create an eye-catching look with blue eyeliner or mascara

Another fun way to add this classic color to your eye area is through eyeliner. For a good all-around eyeliner, choosing one that's dark blue is a great way to go; Make Up For Ever has a pencil eyeliner in the elegant Deep Sea shade, which is currently available at Sephora for $22. 

However, you may want to keep a few different shades in your arsenal as blue eyeliner comes in handy for all kinds of looks — whether you're sealing together a blue-eyeshadow look or creating a bold winged eyeliner with a funky shade like teal. In addition, navy eyeliner looks good on all eye colors and is perfect for creating a blue-toned smoky eye (via Byrdie). 

If you want to take your look to the next level, consider adding some blue to your lashes with colorful mascara, too. ColourPop's Blue Ya Mind mascara in Cobalt Blue is the perfect way to bring some drama to your eyelashes.

Blue doesn't just belong on your eyes

While blue makeup is most traditionally associated with the eye section of your face, blue lipstick can be a fabulous way to add some bold beauty to your daily beat. While you may not plan on wearing lipstick in this color to work or dinner with your parents, it's perfect for nights out and concerts. Ulta Beauty is currently selling a matte lipstick by Mac in the shade Matte Royal, which is a deep royal blue, for $19.

Beauty Magazine suggests trying out this look for patriotic holidays by pairing it with white and red makeup. For all other occasions, the outlet recommends keeping the rest of the face simple with bronzed cheeks and neutral tones. Regardless, this one's certainly for the risk-takers! 

At the end of the day, any of these bold, dazzling blue options will elevate any look.