Pamela Anderson's Big Fear Will Surprise You

Celebrities seem invincible at times. While they may not be afraid of getting on stage or even making fools of themselves, they do get a fright from some very interesting things. According to Simple Most, some of the most amazing celebrities fears include Tyra Banks and her reported fear of dolphins, and Khloé Kardashian's alleged fear of belly buttons — she even wears hand mitts in the shower! Nicole Kidman is admittedly terrified of butterflies, which is an equally surprising revelation (via Contact Music).

While many people have a general fear of going to the dentist or speaking in public, when that fear turns into a phobia, it can impact everyday life — even for celebrities. Kate Wolitzky-Taylor, PhD said, "A phobia consists of a persistent fear or avoidance of a specific stimulus," (via Prevention). "Usually the stimulus is a thing or a situation — like bees or heights." However, there's a second component to phobias. "In addition, the fear causes significant distress or somehow impairs the person's life," Wolitzky-Taylor explained.

Pamela Anderson is a celebrity whose fear has reportedly transformed itself into a phobia. Even though Anderson showed no signs of distress while acting "Scary Movie 3," she does have a surprising fear that you wouldn't expect her to have.

Pamela Anderson has a fear of mirrors

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is known for her gorgeous looks, but when it comes to looking at herself, Anderson reportedly avoids the practice at all costs. According to OneIndia, Anderson has a fear of mirrors. This fear is called Spectrophobia, per Better Health, and can affect one's ability to look at their reflection. When the fear becomes a phobia, it can also mean the individual has a fear of ghosts or spirits, and that they may worry about breaking mirrors and evoking bad luck.

According to Times of India, Anderson mentioned in an interview that she "doesn't like seeing mirrors," and she doesn't enjoy seeing herself on television either. This is a shocking revelation for someone who has made a living in the public sphere. Luckily for Anderson, it doesn't seem as though her phobia has affected her career in any significant way. She has over 50 acting credits on her resume, not to mention numerous modeling appearances as well (via IMDb).