Why Shake From Love Is Blind Says The Show Isn't Really About 'Finding A Wife'

No great reality TV show is complete without a villain. Sometimes, a show is heavily produced to target a select person as a villain and other times, someone may join the cast who clearly thrives on playing the part of a baddie. Of course there's always option number three: someone who's just a genuine villain. When it comes to Shake Chatterjee's time on Netflix's hit reality series "Love is Blind," viewers seem to consider him as a combo of the latter two options. This is understandable — as Shake hasn't wasted a moment on the show without sharing a disparaging comment (either towards his partner or women as a whole), per Insider

Shake's shallow comments and bad attitude was evident from the get-go, as he seemed focused on figuring out the weight of his blind dates, per TODAY. He also managed to briefly gaslight his now ex-fiancee Deepti Vempati into believing that he was misunderstood, though his disrespect eventually prompted Deepti to say "no" at the altar, per TVLine. Shake has faced backlash ever since, both in the form of his own castmates questioning his choices, as well as via an onslaught of mocking memes, according to The Tab. His actions throughout the season were certainly enough for the public to dub him the villain of the show, but Shake somehow managed to take things even further during the "Love Is Blind" reunion episode.

Shake Chatterjee didn't go on the show to find a wife

"Love is Blind" viewers were eager to watch the highly-anticipated reunion of the cast the second it aired. Who was still together? Who had just coupled up? How did Iyanna feel watching Jarrette talk to Mallory? What did Shayne say to Natalie during their fight? And lastly, what on earth was Shake Chatterjee thinking? Ahead of the reunion, Shake gave fans a sneak peek of his mindset when he took to Instagram stories with his feelings. "It is nothing short of a train wreck for me," he said (via Buzzfeed). He wasn't kidding. Shake interrupted several castmates, made wild accusations and blunt comments, and behaved so poorly overall that even the usually-composed hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey gave him an earful, per TODAY.

One of the most memorable comments that Shake made at the reunion had to do with the fact that he doesn't believe the experiment works. "This show is about finding love, it's not about finding a wife," he said during the episode. He then went on to explain his statement, suggesting that the entire concept of love being blind isn't correct — and that perhaps the showrunners should introduce a "Love is Blurry" concept to avoid being disappointed by their partner's physical appearance. Yikes. It's hard to find any way to dig himself out of that one. Perhaps Vanessa Lachey put it best when she said (via Decider), "You wanted someone you wanted to f***. Not fall in love with."