LuLu And LaLa Name Their Amazing Race Challenges That Didn't Make The Cut - Exclusive

"The Amazing Race" is one of the most gripping reality television series because it puts its contestants in extraneous situations in a global race to essentially become a millionaire. These contestants aren't competing for a single love interest or locked in a house to vote in weekly eviction ceremonies. Instead, they put every ounce of their wit and grit to the test to push themselves like never before. Such is especially the case for LuLu and LaLa Gonzalez, the Tri-State radio hosts from "The Amazing Race" Season 33.

Season 33 of "The Amazing Race" saw more challenges than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the season, forcing contestants to go home for 19 months before production could safely resume (via CNN). Naturally, they didn't even know whether they would return to the finish the season or whether it would be scrapped. Traveling the world and competing in a high-stakes reality series are both stressful on their own, but doing them during a global pandemic sounds even more challenging. Still, luckily for them, production was ultimately able to continue, and luckily for us, we were able to sit down with twin contestants LuLu and LaLa to discuss all things Season 33.

In our exclusive interview with LuLu and LaLa, the radio personalities revealed why they absolutely had to return to "The Amazing Race," all the ways COVID impacted the series, and, interestingly, which challenges that they faced, whether internally or as part of the game, didn't make the final TV cut. 

One of LuLu and LaLa's greatest challenges didn't air

For LuLu and LaLa Gonzalez, returning to "The Amazing Race" Season 33 after its 19-month production break was a "no-brainer." Together, they conquered each challenge that came their way, but some of them didn't make the final TV cut. For example, in our exclusive interview with LuLu and LaLa, the radio hosts revealed that they had to climb around one thousand steps in London, but their challenges weren't just the stairs.

"We weren't allowed to take the elevator," LaLa told us. "We had to take the steps and we had to carry our bags. It was cold. It was raining. We had got into this epic fight and then we're going up those stairs, like, dragging, or the bags are weighing us down." LuLu added that her asthma "kicked in" and that her "knee gave out," causing extra trouble for the twins.

Outside of physical challenges, LuLu and LaLa revealed that reading a map caused them great strife. "We're all so spoiled with GPS that when they gave us a map, even holding it, I'm like, 'Where's north? Where's south? I don't ... how do I read this?'" LuLu explained. Of their many challenges, LuLu added, "It was hard to self-drive in a country you know nothing about, and sometimes, a language barrier made it very difficult." 

As it turned out, "The Amazing Race" was LuLu's first time in Europe, though LaLa had been to Spain before. Now, they can mark several more countries off of their to-visit list!

You can catch Season 33 of "The Amazing Race" every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.