Why We Can't Wait To Ditch Mini Skirts In 2022

2021 made a lot of promises that it couldn't keep — including in our wardrobes. Summer 2021 was supposed to be "Hot Vax Summer," a play on Megan Thee Stallion's 2019 hit song, "Hot Girl Summer." Post COVID-19 outbreak, many of us were ready to break out of our sweatpants sets as we looked forward to filling our social calendars and baring a little more skin on those anticipated nights out, per The New York Times.


But whether or not your 2021 lived up to the hype, you likely still stocked up on some of the year's trendy, skin-exposing styles. From bustier tops to pants with cutouts, designers and stylists put sexy garments front and center. Another trend that had us showing off some skin, while dabbling in the Y2K resurgence, was the mini skirt. As noted by Elle Australia, celebrities like Kendall Jenner rocked these skirts throughout the year, often opting for barely-there micro-mini skirts. Though these tiny mini skirts had their moment in the sun, we're ready to move on from them in 2022.

It's time to swap out your mini for a maxi

While Kendall Jenner's cool take on the mini skirt trend may have felt fresh in 2021, this year, we're taking our fashion cues from stars like Jennifer Lopez, who have been all about the maxi skirt. Citing Lopez as inspiration, InStyle dubbed 2022 "the year of the maxi skirt," and we couldn't agree more. Compared to their micro-sized counterparts, maxi skirts are more practical and flattering. Because of their long length, maxis can make your legs appear longer, especially when placed high up on the waist. They also cover up your bottom half, without being overly stuffy. And as InStyle points out, maxis are "seasonless," meaning they work all year, regardless of the weather. Not only can they be warm and cozy during the winter — especially with hidden leggings layered underneath — but they also work during the warmer summer months, too. In July and August, opt for a maxi skirt in light and breathable fabrics like linen or silk to stay cool in the heat.


Furthermore, maxi skirts also offer more flexibility when choosing tops. For example, a crop top paired with a mini skirt feels a little too revealing, but an itty-bitty top goes great with a more modest maxi. All we want in 2022 are more easy-breezy options when it comes to getting ready in the mornings.