Why Bold And The Beautiful Fans Are Ready To See Sheila Carter Go

The great thing about soap operas, particularly the ones that remain on the air for decades, is that even when characters leave, they're rarely gone for good — when those characters are fan favorites, there's even more incentive to bring them back. Sheila Carter is one of the greatest villains "The Bold and the Beautiful" has ever seen. As Cheat Sheet notes, actor Kimberlin Brown has portrayed her for several decades, beginning in 1992, when she first rocked up and inserted herself into the Forresters' business.

Sheila set her sights on Eric (John McCook) and the two eventually married, but when they divorced the scorned woman ended up holding his family at gunpoint. Sheila subsequently shot both Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) and Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), and has also served time for her misdeeds, ensuring the Forresters never quite feel safe even when she appears to be gone for good. Considering Sheila wasn't even supposed to be a long-term role, it's especially impressive Brown has lasted so long.

The actor made her highly-anticipated return to the hit soap in August 2021, with Sheila shockingly revealing herself in the process as the birth mother of Steffy Forrester's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) new husband, Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). However, despite the ensuing drama, fans aren't convinced Sheila should stick around. 

Bold and the Beautiful fans are growing tired of Sheila's shenanigans

Sheila Carter wasn't actually gone that long, having departed "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2018, per Cheat Sheet. Maybe that's why fans weren't that excited to see her again, with one responding to a tweet from the show's official account with a plea to "not drag this on forever with Sheila." Another fan agreed, writing, "Right don't drag it out." Elsewhere, one commenter admitted, "I'm already tired of Sheila," with several responders chiming in to say likewise, while another argued, "Sheila is overplayed and tired." Sheila has always been a major fan favorite, so it's shocking to see viewers turn on her like this. 

However, it might be as simple as allowing her to go full-on villain again since, just a few months into Sheila's return, the tide seemed to be turning in the schemer's favor. As Cheat Sheet notes, Sheila recently set her sights on frenemy Brooke Logan, who's played by fellow series stalwart Katherine Kelly Lang. Watching the two soap icons face off against each other has reinvigorated Sheila for viewers. "Sheila is finally Sheilaing? It's about freaking time!" one fan enthused, while another stated, "This is [the] Sheila I know and love." She might cause trouble everywhere she goes, but Sheila is never boring.