Summer House's Mya Allen Throws Serious Shade At Austen Kroll

Over the span of six seasons, "Summer House" has safely secured its spot as a fan-favorite Bravo TV show. It has it all: young, attractive adults, drunken fights, excessive partying, hook-up hopping, and poor decision making. In fact, the concept of a group of NYC-working adults who escape to a shared house in the Hamptons every weekend had people sold early on. As Bravo TV reports, characters like Kyle Cooke, and the all-too-easily "activated" Lindsay Hubbard have helped to cement the show as an iconic staple of reality TV.

While the stable OG characters will forever have fan hearts, a new group of friends joins the cast every season or so. They are either a hit or a miss. Now, with only a few episodes left in Season 6 of "Summer House," viewers have already made their stance clear on newcomer Mya Allen ... and it's a resounding, "Yes, yes, yes, bring her back." Allen's genuine nature made her a great fit for the show. She has meshed nicely with the rest of the crew — and she was quick to confront a tough situation early on that forced the cast to have a difficult, yet important conversation about race, according to Cheat Sheet. Allen, who was engaged in the past, also opened up about her relationship, per Bustle. But it's her hilarious take on the Austen Kroll saga that has truly won over fans.

Mya Allen doesn't "get it" after meeting Austen Kroll

Mya Allen has been a calming influence on members of the "Summer House" throughout her time on Season 6, but that's not to say she doesn't have an opinion. As Vulture reported, she previously made her feelings known by taking control of her emotions and confronting her house members. The rest of her castmates continue to deal with their drama — whether that's the saga of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's marriage, or the exhausting love triangle between Paige DeSorbo, Andrea Denver, and Craig Conover — and Allen continues to support everyone. Despite this, she couldn't wrap her head around the hold that Austen Kroll seemed to exert over Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard.

"I've just never seen someone that chaotic in my life," she told Entertainment Tonight in an exclusive interview, speaking on Kroll and all things "Summer House." She continued, "I was like, 'We're giving this one person this much space to basically tear down everything we've built up this summer?' And then to meet him, I was like, 'This is the guy? This is who we're fighting about?'" Allen then made her feelings about the "Southern Charm" star crystal clear. "So, yeah, I'm cool if Austen never comes back to Summer House. And I think that the drama should be kept down South," she concluded.