Stunning Modern Spins On '80s Fashion

The '80s' fashion trends were notoriously controversial for their wild, unapologetic looks. While this decade's fashions aren't loved by those who prefer to play it safe with what they wear, people with more adventurous styles enjoy experimenting with this period's bold pieces.

Even if you aren't a fan of the '80s, we all have to admit that some of the most significant fashion icons had amazing moments during this decade. Some beloved celebrities who nailed '80s fashion include Brooke Shields, Farrah Fawcett, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, and Demi Moore (via Vogue France). Furthermore, many popular TV shows take place in the '80s, such as the sitcom "The Goldbergs," the supernatural drama "Stranger Things," the dramedy "Freaks and Geeks," and fashion drama "Halston," are set in this decade (via Ranker).

Whether you love or hate '80s fashion, styles from this daring decade are coming back with some modern twists, as many people can't help but bring back the '80s due to this period's influence on pop culture. If you're a fan of '80s fashion, you're going to love these returning trends.

Have fun finding your inner glam rockstar

If you're looking for a way to combine edginess and glamour, you're in luck, as the glam rockstar-inspired '80s fashion trends are coming back (via InStyle). To nail this fierce look, wear lots of leather, sequins, metallic hues, and skin-tight bodysuits.

The iconic actress Megan Fox has been spotting putting her own modern spin on the '80s glamorous, rockstar-inspired trend multiple times on her Instagram, where you'll find her wearing leather pieces from head to toe, sparkly details, and skin-tight looks.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the glamorous rockstar trend into your wardrobe. To start, you'll need some leather looks. A black leather jacket is a perfect way to add some edge to any outfit in your closet and requires minimal effort. You can wear BLANKNYC's Faux Leather Moto Jacket every day, currently selling at Nordstrom for $98.00. If you're feeling more adventurous, Shein's Solid PU Leather Cami Top is an excellent choice for nights out, too, and is only $9.00 right now.

Sequins are another way to rock this flashy style. Lulus is currently selling its Look Like a Star Magenta Multi Reversible Sequin Strapless Dress for only $15, making it the perfect piece if you're looking for glamour on a budget. Additionally, Forever 21's Sequin One-Shoulder Crop Top has a 5-star review.

Get down to business with these powerful looks

While the '80s were notorious for dramatically emphasized shoulders, business-inspired fashion is coming back in a subtle, stylish way. According to Southern Living, oversized blazers, especially with shoulder pads, are back and here to stay, along with monochromatic looks. This trend can be as professional or playful as you would like, depending on the colors, fits, and patterns that you choose to wear. PopSugar pointed out that celebrities of all ages love to rock the blazer look and have been spotted in chic black blazers. Some of these icons include actresses Jessica Alba, Lily Collins, and Julia Roberts.

If you're looking to incorporate the modern, '80s-inspired business trend into your outfits, blazers are an excellent place to start. H&M is currently selling its versatile Oversized Blazer for $49.99. This piece is appropriate for the office and cute for any other activities, too. If you really want to channel the '80s, Zara's Long Blazer With Shoulder Pads gives even more '80s vibes.

To rock the powerful monochromatic look, a sleek jumpsuit is a perfect way to go. Currently available at Lulus for $59.00, the Enticing Endeavors Emerald Green Jumpsuit looks effortlessly sophisticated and stylish. For a more daring spin on this trend, Anthropologie's Another Girl Bandeau Jumpsuit features a dramatic black and white pattern that will never fail to turn heads.

Get ready to get loud with bright, maximalist looks

While we've seen lots of minimalist looks in recent years, the '80s were anything but minimal when it came to fashion. According to The Zoe Report, we can all get ready to see lots of neon hues, accessories at the waist, and, as mentioned before, sparkle! One beloved celebrity who is never afraid to have fun with bright colors is the talented actress Zendaya. If you haven't already noticed her radiant styles on the red carpet, you'll see her exploring lots of bright looks on her Instagram, including ones using hot pink, red-orange, and sunny yellow.

If you want to add some bright hues to your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. Anyone who likes mint green should check out Forever 21's Vented High Rise Pants, which have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. For those who enjoy radiant yellow, Fashion Nova's Cut Me Off Sweater in Neon Yellow currently retails for $23.99, and will add some sunshine to your wardrobe.

Statement belts complement neon pieces and are a great way to implement some '80s-inspired maximalism into your outfits. Currently available at Shein for only $4.00, the chunky Square Buckle Belt With Punch Tool will make you look like you just walked out of an '80s movie. If you're looking to add some sparkle to your waist area, Zara's Sparkly Belt retails for $5.99 right now.

We can't stop obsessing over these fun spins on '80s fashion trends!