Expert Explains Why William And Harry Might Be Drowning In Regret Over Their Feud

Prince William's feud with his younger brother, Prince Harry, has been an ongoing topic among fans and in the media for years. The brothers, who were once very close, now appear to have a large rift between them. According to The Mirror, the bad blood first started when Harry revealed he wanted to marry his current wife, Meghan Markle. William is said to have advised his younger brother to slow things down and not rush into a marriage. However, Harry didn't take the advice well and was reportedly very angry.

Things went from bad to worse when Harry and Meghan announced their exit from the royal family in 2020. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex then packed up their son, Archie, and moved to California, where they've been living ever since. Harry has only returned home to the UK on two occasions since the exit (via Harper's Bazaar), and both times his stay was very short, seemingly proving that there are still hard feelings between him and the rest of the royals.

Cheat Sheet notes that royal author Dylan Howard reveals that William and Harry's rift is a "devastating blow to the British people," and that their feud has created a "tear" in the fabric of the royal family's relationship with the public.

The sad truth about William and Harry's feud

After years of feuding with Prince Harry, Prince William is said to be reaching a boiling point. The Duke of Cambridge is now preparing for a time when he'll take the throne and become king alongside his wife Kate Middleton. However, he's reportedly haunted by his rift with his younger brother. "It's very clear to those that know William that the rift with his brother is not something that he can just forget about," royal expert Duncan Larcombe told OK! (via The Daily Star). "It's very much, as you can imagine, a constant strain. It is for Harry as well, they're both as stubborn as mules," he added.

Larcombe went on to explain the pain of losing not only a brother, but a best friend. "William's always had a set plan of where he wants to be in five years, how he's going to transition from prince to husband to father to future king. He's basically ticked all of those boxes that he set out to tick when he was graduating from university but the one thing not going right for him is something that is deeply upsetting."

However, Larcombe believes that William and Harry are still so bonded that they'll always be able to find their way back to each other. "Every week the rift continues, Harry and William are the two people who are missing out the most," Larcombe stated.