The Chicago P.D. Episode You Forgot Titus Welliver Starred In

Titus Welliver has been showing up on television and in feature films since 1990 (per IMDb). Born in Connecticut, Welliver was bit by the acting bug during childhood when his mother signed him up for an acting workshop. "I sort of reluctantly went to it, thinking this is not gonna work for me," he said (via U Interview). "It was a wonderful experience, and that lit the fire."

Welliver went on to study drama at New York University and appeared in numerous stage productions including "Naked at the Coast," "American Buffalo," "Riff Raff," and Shakespeare's "Henry IV, Part 1" and "Henry IV, Part II." He went on to win guest spots on shows such as "Matlock," "L.A. Law," "Beverly Hills 90210" and "The Commish," as well as a recurring role on "NYPD Blue" (per The Famous People). But his career started to soar when he was cast as Silas Adams on HBO's "Deadwood." He followed that up with memorable roles on "Lost," "Sons of Anarchy," and "The Good Wife" before landing the lead on Amazon Prime's "Bosch," playing Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch. 

Even after he started to get bigger roles — including appearances in films such as "Gone Girl" and "The Town" — Welliver continued popping up in guest parts on hit television shows, including a 2018 episode of "Chicago P.D.

Titus Welliver played a meth dealer on Chicago P.D.

Titus Welliver showed up in the Season 5 episode of "Chicago P.D." titled "Ghosts." In the installment, Welliver played Ray Booth, the head of a meth distribution crew that the Intelligence Unit is trying to take down. His character has history with Detective Hailey Upton (played by Tracy Spiridakos) and she eventually arrests him for his crimes (per Fandom). 

While Welliver hasn't been seen on "Chicago P.D." again, "Bosch" fans will be happy to know that the actor is reviving his character soon. While the original show ended its run in 2021 after seven seasons, it is being revived by IMDb TV. "Bosch: Legacy" will jump ahead two years and see retired detective Harry Bosch working as a private investigator for Honey "Money" Chandler (Mimi Rogers), while his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) is now an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department (per Tampa Bay Times).

"I hesitate to say the word 'spinoff' because it's not really a spinoff — it's a continuation of the Harry Bosch saga," Welliver told Vulture. "He's still the same guy, just in a different place in his life. Maddie and Harry's relationship really evolved into being very much at the forefront, the pulse and the heart of the show, so it makes perfect sense in the evolution of the narrative."